Palmolive Pitch Project
Create a Palmolive Body Wash manifesto video.

Due December 10th, 2018 - You might know Palmolive from their dish soaps, but over in Europe, Palmolive is a trusted company offering a whole line of household goods, including body wash infused with natural ingredients. Palmolive combines natural extracts you know like honey or olives and milk for a velvety shower experience that is sensible for your body and for your budget.

Palmolive’s audience, primarily women, strive to enjoy everyday moments, take the right state of mind, and consider positivity essential to well-being. The faster the world moves, the more important it is to find balance in one’s life. Palmolive believes this balance can be found in the vibrancy of the nature that surrounds us and wants to help people feel more human by reconnecting them with nature.

Using Palmolive’s brand and using their uplifting tone, your Manifesto Video Pitch will tell the story of how this balance with nature will help find your best, energized, and excited self, ready to tackle the day ahead.

They’re looking for vibrant, creative Manifesto Video Pitches that marry Palmolive Body Wash with finding a natural balance to bring a little positivity to the lives of the consumer. While the connection to the product is vital, they don’t want product-centric spots. Ultimately, it’s about focusing on relatable and truthful human moments (big or small) and making a strong and organic connection to Palmolive Body Wash.

A manifesto video should be a statement of intent, an inspiring piece that embodies not just the identity of the brand, but the aspirations of those the brand serves.

**This project will be split into two phases: Pitch Qualification and Pitch.**

The Pitch Qualification Phase is a helpful first step that allows filmmakers to raise their hands and let them know if they are interested in creating a Pitch. Additionally, filmmakers must provide a high-level summary of their creative approach. Five Pitch Qualification winners will be selected and given funds to create a Pitch consisting of a full treatment, storyboards, and a Pitch video of them on camera further articulating their vision. Should the sponsor decide to green light one of the Pitches a separate project with additional budget will be created.

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Pitch Qualifications (Due 12/10/18)
Five Pitch Qualification Phase winners will be selected by Tongal to move forward into the Pitch Phase and awarded $1,500 each to complete a Visual Treatment, Pitch Video, and Storyboards to further develop their Pitch.

Pitch Awards (Due 12/21/18)
From the participants submitting Pitches in the Pitch Qualification Phase, 5 filmmakers will be selected by Tongal as the Pitch Qualification Phase winners and will be able to begin constructing their pitches.

Open to Tongal community members (it's free to register!), ages 13 and older.

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