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Due June 23rd, 2019 - ON THE ROCKS is the first geological video contest for everybody. You should participate with a creative, informal video, where you explain your research, passions or new ideas regarding the Earth, in only 180 seconds.

They are looking for passionate contributions by utilizing for example animations, stop-motion, cartoons, time-lapse, interviews, music, poems, dance to demonstrate for a wider public of non-specialists. It should focus on the wonders, dangers, and surprises of an adventurous, geological journey, which could take place indoor, outdoor, in a lab, in the mountains, at sea or in the outer space. The potential contributors should, therefore, be from the scientific community, but could also be passionate and professional multimedia storytellers.

3 years in 3 minutes
PhDs describe their three-years research in a three-minute video.

Rolling Stones
Researches, experiences, and stories about the Earth narrated by scientists, passionate people and professionals.

Young Geologists
Geology at School: the stories of those who study the Earth in the primary and secondary school or at college-university.

Rocks and Food
For anyone who wants to tell how rocks, minerals or fossils are around or inside our dishes.

Explain your experience through your video, compile the registration form, and give it your best shot. Choose in which of the four different categories you wish to participate. You may join the contest on your own or in a group, and without any limitations of imagination. Keep the curious footage or your "bloopers", there is a dedicated prize!

Click the link below for Official Rules and more details.


1st Prize (In each category):
  €1000 (Approx. $1,100 USD)
  Free 2020 annual SGI
  SIMP and SPI membership
  Contribution to travel and accommodation expenses in relation to the award ceremony, according to a flat rate defined by the Organizing and Selection Committee.

2nd Prize (In each category):
  €600 (Approx. $700 USD)
  Free 2020 annual SGI
  SIMP and SPI membership

The "Bloopers" Award:
To the 50-second video, containing the most interesting or curious sequences gathered behind the scenes during the recordings, or funny sequences ("bloopers") deleted from the 3-minute video presented in competition.
  €400 (Approx. $400 USD)

Open to students, graduate students, researchers, professionals and Geology enthusiasts of any age, who can participate individually or in groups.

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