Montana Governor Political Ad Contest
What should the next Montana governor value?

Due November 12th, 2019 - OpenSource Montana believes that the next governor of Montana should care about the following principles that make Montana a great place to make a living and a life:
 *Affordable and effective healthcare for all Montanans.
 *Access to clean rivers, open lands, and a healthy environment.
 *A strong public education system that creates opportunities for our children.
 *Fair and inclusive policies that empower all individuals to thrive and prosper regardless of gender, gender orientation, religion or ethnicity.
 *Modern infrastructure to support our growing economy.

Submit a 30-second video that tells why these values are important to you, and why the next governor of Montana should care about them as well. Three candidates in the 2020 Republican Primary, Greg Gianforte, Dr. Albert Olszewski and Attorney General Tim Fox, are running campaigns focused on who is the most conservative of the three. OpenSource Montana is concerned that the five principles listed above are not being addressed in any manner in the 2020 Republican Primary. The Republican candidates, especially Greg Gianforte, are refusing to do town halls to listen to all Montanans. This is your chance to make your voice heard.

Your submissions should have Montana flair (characters/story/landscape/activities) and must address at least one of our core beliefs. You must include at the end of your video text that reads, PAID FOR BY OPENSOURCEMT. This disclaimer must run for at least 4 seconds and take up 4% of the screen.

Produce a 30-second video/advertisement that tells what issues the next governor of Montana should care about. You write the script. You choose the subject matter. You are encouraged to use humor, truth, creativity and your talent to tell the most effective Montana story possible.

Once you have successfully uploaded and submitted your thirty-second advertisement on the Audience Awards site, your film will be reviewed by the leadership of OpenSource Montana that is determined to be inappropriate for publication or unable to be used subsequent to the contest for advertising purposes by OpenSource Montana. The producer may be encouraged to re-edit the piece so it may be accepted into the contest.

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Open to the public worldwide. An eligible minor (the age of majority is eighteen (18) in most states but twenty-one (21) in Mississippi and nineteen (19) in Alabama and Nebraska) should obtain a parent or legal guardian’s permission prior to entering.

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