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'Keep Killer Robots Fiction' Video Contest
Stop killer robots with a 2 minute video.
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Steven HAuse from Tallahassee, FL
Grand Prize
Steven H
Tallahassee, FL
One of the smaller contests, but an important and interesting one nonetheless. (2433 days ago)

Due March 15th, 2015 - Mines Action Canada (MAC) invites youth campaigners and student film makers from around the world to participate in a competition to submit short (2 minutes or less) multimedia presentations about autonomous weapons systems. The videos should be on the theme “KEEP KILLER ROBOTS FICTION”.

The purpose of this competition is to find new, compelling and provocative ways to start a conversation in the public about autonomous weapons systems. Autonomous weapons systems or killer robots are future weapons that can select and fire upon targets without human control.

Killer robots have been a staple trope in fiction and entertainment for years. Over the past decade, the possibility of fully autonomous weapons is becoming closer to reality. Recently we have seen a dramatic rise in unmanned weapons that has changed the face of warfare. New technology is permitting serious efforts to develop fully autonomous weapons. These robotic weapons would be able to choose and fire on targets on their own, without any human intervention. This capability would pose a fundamental challenge to the protection of civilians and to compliance with international human rights and humanitarian law. For clarity it is necessary to note that fully autonomous weapons are not drones; drones have a human pilot in a remote location. Fully autonomous weapons are a large step beyond armed drones.

Your submission should illustrate one of the major problems with autonomous weapons systems or ask a question about handing over life and death decisions to a machine:
  * A lack of accountability – who is responsible if an autonomous weapon kills the wrong person or malfunctions?
  * Inability to distinguish between legitimate and legal targets and others – human soldiers must be able to tell the difference between soldiers and civilians, could a robot ever make that distinction?
  * The moral issues surrounding outsourcing life and death decisions to machines – is it right to allow machines to choose to end a human life?

No need to limit yourself to these example questions about autonomous weapons, they are intended to inspire you to create some questions of your own to guide your project.

Click the link below for Official Rules and more details.


Grand Prize
The winner or winning team will receive a Go-Pro HERO 4 silver camera and a 3-way mount.

Open worldwide to anyone between the ages of 18 and 30 who is currently enrolled in post-secondary education.

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