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BIC lighters are one of the only solutions for quality lighting.
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Due April 8th, 2018 - There are 1.8 billion lighters on the European market. BIC Lighters, a major actor in branded lighters across Europe, have been sold in Europe for more than 40 years. BIC Lighters undergo more than 50 quality checks guaranteeing consumer safety. And throughout the years, BIC Lighters have become iconic thanks to their function, design, and quality.

Today, approximately 20% of the lighters sold in Europe are BIC Lighters. However, consumers are continually purchasing poor quality alternatives for various reasons: some people do not know about BIC Lighter’s quality, others shop in auto-pilot mode and do not even question their buying habits, and finally, some know about BIC Lighter’s superiority but do not fully understand the real benefit, so they select a cheaper option.

However, by choosing low-quality lighters people take the gamble of possibly quickly returning to their retailer to replace the defective lighter. BIC needs your creativity to find a smart way to raise awareness about how important it is to buy and use a quality lighter the first time around. Create a story to catch the attention of viewers and convince them to switch to BIC Lighters, one of the only quality lighting solutions.

Help convince people to switch to BIC Lighters through a story that demonstrates how choosing a quality lighting solution / BIC lighter, can a make a difference in your life, big or small.

The challenge is to create a story that has real “stopping power” (in other words, attention-grabbing) and which consumers, as well as customers, can connect with. The goal is to make an impression with viewers who had not realized the qualitative benefits of branded lighters like those that BIC offers. After seeing the video, viewers should feel educated about the quality features to look for when purchasing a lighter.

Life is made up of choices, and there are plenty of choices when buying a lighter. If people think all lighters are the same, the reality can be different, and this is what we want to highlight. When making a choice, quality is one of the most important criteria to take into consideration.

Unbranded lighters can be very poor quality. BIC Lighters, however, have quality features that cannot be found in other lighters on the market such as: a stable flame, a safety hood, a highly resistant body, and a long-lasting flame. You can learn more about these features in the document attached.

There are many features that differentiate BIC Lighters from its competition, and it is up to you to use these features to create your story. The quality of BIC lighters can be experienced from the moment you see and purchase the product in store to the long-lasting lifespan. There is a lot for you to use when creating your story!

   *Be dramatic: Tell an interesting story, create suspense, or draw the audience into an event in the life of an interesting character. The principles of good storytelling work well. After all, who doesn’t love a good story?
   *Create an emotional response: Often people relate to a video or other message on the emotional level first; their emotional response then draws them into the content, encouraging them to take the time to digest its information.
   *Stimulate curiosity: Your video should make the audience want to know more. This desire gets viewers to stop and study the video and follow up with further information searches afterwards. One of the secrets to stimulating curiosity is not flooding each communication with information. Be brief. Use the least amount of information necessary to be persuasive; you will leave viewers curious and looking for more.
   *Surprise the audience: A startling headline, an unexpected visual image, an unusual opening gambit in a sales presentation, or a weird display window in a store — all have the power to stop people by surprising them.
   *Communicate expected information in an unexpected way: A creative twist or a fresh way of saying or looking at something makes the expected unexpected. Yes, you have to get the obvious information in: what is the brand, who and how does it benefit, etc., but you do not have to do so in an obvious way. If you do, your communication will not grab the viewers’ attention, causing your audience to ignore it.

There must be a BIC lighter in your video. Here are a couple of guidelines you should bear in mind when handling the product:
   *BIC Lighters should not be shown in contradiction to the warnings on the product and packaging.
   *Do not show lighters in direct contact with objects that are normally hot, or in a hot car, or on the beach in direct sunlight. If showing a lighter on a beach, it must be in a shaded area.
   *BIC Lighters showing a flame are to always have a thumb on the pusher.
   *BIC Lighters should not be shown next to children.
   *BIC Lighters should be ignited away from the face.
   *BIC Lighters should never be punctured or put in a fire.
   *Ensure the flame is completely out after usage.

BIC Lighters should never be depicted in a manner contrary to their intended use, e.g.: as a toy, as part of a game, or miscellaneous usages such as opening a bottle.
Even though most of BIC Lighters’ consumers are smokers, you should not show situations with cigarettes, cigars or pipes. And a BIC Lighter should always be shown being used in a responsible manner. BIC Lighters should never be shown lighting fireworks, candles, or fires in fireplaces or in grills.

BIC Lighters should not be compared to other branded lighters. Poor quality lighters are most often unbranded; if you want to show them they must be transparent, without any visible logo.

Entries should be 30 seconds in length.

Click the link below for Official Rules and more details.


#1 Prize:
€8,000 (aprox $9,800 USD)

#2 Prize:
€5,000 (aprox $6,200 USD)

#3 Prize:
€2,000 (aprox $2,500 USD)

Open to all Eyeka community members (it's free to register!). Entrants under the age of 18 must have parental permission to participate.

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