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Due April 24th, 2018 - Tongalers! Submit your video on spec for the opportunity to have it purchased, published, and promoted on the Tongal YouTube channel!

This project IS NOT sponsored by YouTube.

Tongal is looking to identify videos that will continually help grow the channel while focusing in on specific types of content that help bring the Tongal channel to life for an ever growing audience of subscribers eager for more content.

They’ll review submissions as they are received, and if Tongal views your submission as the right fit for the channel, they’ll purchase your video for a set price listed in the “Project Objectives” section below. If you do not hear from Tongal within ten business days of submitting your content it’s safe to assume that they will not be purchasing your video. For content not purchased additional feedback will be provided at the conclusion of this project.

What you need to know:
They are building out The Tongal Channel with original video content created by Tongalers and will be launching projects throughout the year to identify content they see as the right fit for the Tongal Channel to cater to and help grow our audience. Additionally they’ll credit and promote you as the creator for all content you create that we purchase. Think of ways to create content that are simple, easily scalable, and engaging for the best chances of having your content purchased.

They’re looking for seven specific types of content this time around: Think simple & scalable and focus your content around one of the following topics 1) Vlogging, 2) New Equipment Reviews, 3) Legacy Equipment Reviews, 4) How-To Videos, 5) Behind the scenes footage 7) Camera/Lens tests, 7) Facts & stories around the History of filmmaking.

All content should be be related to video production, the entertainment industry, or the history of filmmaking. While there is no time limit for submissions, a good rule of thumb is 60 seconds to five minutes depending on the type of content you are submitting.

The goal of this project is to identify and purchase the following types of content listed below. If you wish to counter the current purchase price you can when submitting your video on spec.

   1) Vlog(s): $100
Vlogs should be focused around aspects of video production, or the entertainment industry. You should be yourself, and provide insight around something you care about. They can be funny, serious, thought provoking or all of the above. If you submit a vlog and they see it as being the right fit for the channel there is a high probability they will ask you to create a series of vlogs. Note: Smartphones or your computers webcam shoot at a high enough quality to create an engaging Vlog.

   2) New Equipment Review: $100
Have the latest and greatest equipment, shoot a review for it and the world know what you think about it. You can review one piece of equipment or your entire stockpile of equipment from cameras, and mics, to the tripod you put your rig on. They love equipment reviews and would love to host yours on their channel.

   3) Legacy Equipment Reviews: $100
Any production equipment that’s not the most recent equipment that’s more than one year(s) old.

   4) How-To Videos: $150 (Production Focused)
Know a few tricks of the trade and want to share your knowledge with the world? Teach something new or explain a few fundamentals in your own way.

   5) BTS or OutTakes (Production): $150
Behind the scenes footage is always badass, a lot of fun, and really interesting to watch. So if you’re on a shoot and have the opportunity to snag a few BTS shots, cut something together and send it in (Just make sure you can attain the necessary releases or be ready to blur some faces).

   6) Camera / Lens Test: $100
Similar to a review, get out there, shoot some shots in various conditions, and walk through what you’re shooting, what you’re shooting with, and what settings you have your camera set to.

   7) Facts/History of Filmmaking: $75
The history of filmmaking is pretty damn extensive and fascinating, from the creation of the motion picture camera, to D. W. Griffith, Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford, and Douglas Fairbanks starting United Artists in 1919, to the DSLR and Digital boom in the mid 2000s to everything in between and present! So they're looking for fun, interesting facts and stories to cover every year mapping the history of filmmaking starting with the invention of the video-camera leading us through present day.

Click the link below for Official Rules and more details.


This is a Portal Project where all submissions are submitted on spec.

Video Awards (Due 4/23/18)
Submit a Video that meets the Project Objectives using:

Video: A piece of video content you feel would be a good fit for the Tongal Channel that focuses in on 1) Vlogging, 2) New Equipment Reviews, 3) Legacy Equipment Reviews, 4) How-To Videos, 5) Behind the scenes footage 7) Camera/Lens tests, 7) Facts & stories around the History of filmmaking

Counter Purchase Price (Optional): If you want to counter stated purchase price for the types of content they’re looking for, you can when submitting your video for review, but this is optional and is not required.

A Note on Purchase Price: They want to make sure you are properly compensated for the work you created, however please consider the most economical way to create the content you are submitting and if you are going to present a counter offer please do not exceed $1000 per piece of content submitted.

Ownership: Please note that, like all other Tongal projects, all rights to your submission will become the sole property of Tongal. However, for this project if your submission is not purchased or an agreement can’t be reached within by the conclusion of the project, rights to your submission will revert back to you.

Open to Tongal community members (it's free to register!), ages 13 and older.

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