Trust Guard 'Cybersecurity' Video Contest
Persuade business owners to secure their websites with TrustGuard!
$2,500 + 4 days in Orlando,FL!

Due June 20th, 2018 - The purpose of this video needs to persuade business owners to secure their websites, servers and POS terminals in a serious but fun, enjoyable way. TrustGuard.com helps all businesses become PCI compliant while helping them prevent hackers from gaining access to their private and secure data.

They are looking for a video that will go viral so it needs to fit into one of these categories:
   *Super funny
   *Life-changingly scary
   *Amazingly heroic
   *Emotionally charged

No swearing nor nudity in the video.

You could also play off of something that has already gone viral or bridge any big news or viral topic in the online security niche. (Be sure copyright laws are followed).

About Trust Guard's services:

Trust Guard performs regular scans on business' websites, servers and POS terminals. They scan for vulnerabilities that hackers could use to gain access to vital/private information. They find the issue first then notify the business owner what was found and how to fix it. Once they fix the issue their company is protected from hackers. (Notice, they do not fix the issue, they just let the company know where the issues are so that they can fix them. Just wanted to be clear there, so that they don't give the wrong impression of what they do.)

If a business got hacked the owner would need to do the following:

   *Notify all their customers, their merchant account company (and or bank) to let them know what happened (embarrassing and painful).
   *Fix their website and remove any malware, ransomware and other such coding off their servers.
   *Required to pay huge fines around $200/person whose information was compromised if they weren't PCI compliant.

Just one hack could cost them their entire business plus.

They are looking for a video that really drives home the fact that they want security scanning or they will be hating life after getting hacked.

They would love to hear your pitch and approve it before you create the video to be sure the message is right and not misleading about what they do. To have them approve your pitch, email them with the email address on the main contest page.

Click the link below for Official Rules and more details.


1st Place:
$2,500 + 4 days 3 nights at a beautiful resort in Orlando,FL

2nd Place:
$1,000 + 4 days 3 nights at a beautiful resort in Orlando,FL

3rd Place:
$500 + 4 days 3 nights at a beautiful resort in Orlando,FL

Open to anyone over the age of 15 years old, worldwide. However, the vacation package requires that at least one person checking into the resort is over 21 years old. Must be a citizen of USA or Canada to receive the vacation and the cash prize.

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