The Sound of Taste ASMR MTV Video Series Project
MTV & Tongal want you to play with your food!
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Due May 31st, 2018 - The sizzle of meat hitting a hot pan. The gentle turmoil of boiling water. The whisper of pasta as it slides out of the box. A knife crunching through fresh basil leaves. A spoon swishing through simmering tomato sauce. This is what it sounds like to make spaghetti and meatballs, and chances are just reading this description made you hungry…but also calmed you down.

That’s because of ASMR. ASMR, or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, is a physical sensation that soothes your nerves…and given everything going on in the world and in our daily lives, it’s no wonder that ASMR videos are a big deal on YouTube. There are a lot of different types of ASMR videos out there, but food ASMR videos are recipe videos or footage of people eating with a focus on the corresponding sounds.

Tongal wants you to create a series of food ASMR videos for MTV, and they want you to have fun with it. Think Bob Ross, but instead of painting happy little trees, he’s squeezing the pulp out of a tomato or crunching popcorn between his teeth or slowly slurping up that spaghetti that was just made. Yeah, it’s weird, but you can’t look away…it’s just too calming. That’s what they want you to create.

Ultimately, your videos should give audiences a break from the drama that is life right now, be thumbstopping, be shareable, and be different. There are already ASMR food videos out there, and they have no interest in creating more of the same. If you’ve ever watched Chef’s Table you know that people eat with their eyes first; well, in our videos, they want audiences to eat with their ears, too. Get creative with this challenge and make it yours. They want to see you combine bizarre dishes or subjects (like on Ugly Delicious) with food porn-style shots (again, think Chef’s Table or Tasty’s Art Of series) and strong sensory elements. They can’t smell or taste what’s being made and eaten, but your job is to captivate audiences and feed their eyes and ears. You should surprise, delight, and soothe your audience so they don’t want to click away but do want to tag a friend who might also find the video satisfying, relaxing, or just straight-up bizarre. If you’re thinking that ASMR sounds a little weird, you’re not wrong: it can be as oddball as it is soothing, and that’s definitely something they want you to lean into.

The goal of this project is to create a series of 6 videos, up to 8 minutes each, that surprise, delight, and soothe audiences. Your series should be an experience for Gen Z and millennials who need a break from the real world and give them something to share with friends who might also get a kick out of the weird and calming world of ASMR food.

This is an open bid project, so you’ll get to set your overall budget proposal. You can download the Budget template on the main contest page. The Sponsor would like the Pitch winner to create 6 videos (with the potential to produce more down the road) with a cost range of $750–1,000 per video.

Don’t hold back with your concepts here: they’re pretty open. Some thought starters:
   *Recipes for after-school snacks or late night study breaks
   *Food reviews based on how a snack sounds (the crunchiest chips, the thickest milkshakes, etc)
   *Bizarre foods shot beautifully and eaten with gusto – whole baby squid? A giant ball of mochi? Macro shots of #panbanging cookies?
   *When doing eating shots/sounds, who is your host? How do they draw in and hold an audience’s attention? Will we just see their mouth or their whole face?         *How do they interact with the food, the utensils, and the audience?
   *Can you find the Bob Ross of ASMR food videos? What’s the ASMR food equivalent of happy little trees?
   *Tie-ins to tentpole events like the VMAs – what foods could be themed off of nominees, the host, etc?

While it isn’t required, it's highly recommended you include a food stylist in your project and share their portfolio in your Pitch – especially if you’re proposing recipe videos.

Click the link below for Official Rules and more details.


Pitch Awards (Due 5/31/18):
The most compelling Pitch will be selected and, upon submitting the Winner’s Affidavit and the IP Assignment, will receive a portion of their budget to help create the Video. Please note the payment of the Pitch award is subject to a payment schedule determined by Tongal. Additionally, upon submitting a Video that satisfies the criteria laid out in your winning Pitch, completing Sponsor notes, providing the necessary release forms, and providing all assets required by the sponsor the Pitch winner will receive the remainder of their budget.

Video Awards (Due 6/20/18)
Once the Pre-Production Phase is complete, the Pitch Winner will each create a 3 to 5-minute documentary Video based upon their winning Pitch. Upon submitting a Video that satisfies the criteria laid out in your winning Pitch, completing Sponsor notes, providing the necessary release forms, and providing all assets required by the sponsor the Pitch winner will receive the final portion of their approved budget.

Open to Tongal community members (it's free to register!), ages 13 and older.

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