The Midterms Minute: Get Out the Vote Video Series
Get people excited & ready to vote in the midterm elections.
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Due July 11th, 2018 - Voting isn’t just your civic duty, it’s your right, your privilege, and your responsibility. But knowing that voting is important doesn’t make the issues clear or give you a sense of who the candidates are – or why they may or may not deserve your vote. And if you’re a young or first-time voter, it’s that much harder to know how the issues affect your life and future.

That’s where Tongal comes in: MTV wants one Tongal filmmaker or production team to create a series of Midterm Explainer videos that get right to the point and explain why the midterms are so important, the issues at stake, the candidates they should be looking out for, and important voting reminders (when to register by, how to find your voting center, how to get a mail-in ballot, etc). These videos should be short and succinct and get the info across cleanly and clearly, but without being too dry.

Think about how shows like Vox get their information across quickly with a clear voice and a thoughtful execution, leaving the audience armed with unbiased information. Your show should be similarly fun and smart, distilling down important topics for audiences with short attention spans but a lot of energy.

Executionally, these videos need to work with sound off, so no host. Be sure to explain how text, photos, source video, graphics, and even animation would work together in your series to bring the important topics to life in an engaging way for young audiences who may be voting for the first time.

And remember that fact-checking and research are going to be absolutely imperative – facts aren’t facts if they’re not correct.

The goal of this project is to create a series of 6-8 videos, each up to :60, that inform young audiences with short attention spans about the key issues and topics in the upcoming midterm elections.

This is an open bid project, so you’ll get to set your overall budget proposal. The Sponsor would like the Pitch winner to create 6 videos (with the potential to produce more down the road) with a cost range of $750–$1,000 per video.

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Pitch Awards (Due 7/2/18)
The most compelling Pitch will receive a portion of their budget to help create the Video.

Video Awards (Open only to Pitch winners, due 7/31/18)
Upon submitting the videos that satisfy the criteria laid out in your winning pitch, the pitch winner will receive a final payment.

Open to Tongal community members (it's free to register!), ages 13 and older.

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