Zooppa 'BISSELL Air Care' Project
Show off BISSELL’s brand new air purification product.

Due July 17th, 2018 - Does your house sometimes have a funky smell or aggravate your allergies? Maybe it’s your super cute baby’s not so cute full diaper, the wet dog that just ran through the living room, or the bucket of pollen that just blew in from the backyard. Regardless of the source, some air impurities can be really problematic and tough to get rid of. But, thanks to BISSELL’s brand new air purification product, you can not only eliminate these problematic air particles, you can do so with ease via a smart feedback system called “CirQulate”. Filters, flow, and fit are the ‘guts inside’ that drive the true PERFORMANCE of the product.

For 140 years and counting, Michigan-based BISSELL Homecare, Inc. has developed innovative floor care solutions that make cleaning easier. As the top-selling brand in floor care appliances, BISSELL understands that fuller lives often mean more messes, and that convenient cleaning tools help us embrace life's messier moments.

The launch into Aircare/Air Purification is BISSELL’s first entry into this new category. BISSELL has cleaned the floors in your home for over 140 years, now they are cleaning and purifying your air.

Your mission is to create a CONCEPT PITCH (using the provided Keynote/PowerPoint template found on the main contest page) for how BISSELL could visualize the purification of air and address the issues people have in their homes. The concept should bring the “cleaning of air” to life, making the process visual. They want to see examples of the problem(s) and the benefit/solution the air400 provides…using its technology.

There are three user groups that BISSELL wants to target:
General Family Head of Household: Problem - odors, dust, kids, pets and general family life
Allergy sufferers: Problem - allergic to dust, dander, pollen, etc. around them
General Wellness: Problem - want better health & sleep, clean air and overall better environment…those who are ‘worried well’.
BISSELL have brainstormed ideas in-house on how to show this intangible visual effect (animated germ bubbles being sucked into the device, squiggly lines coming out of bad smelling things and distributing through the air, people’s reactions to cloudy non purified air v. clean purified air, etc.), but they need your help to come up with more out-of-the-box ideas!

Winning ideas may be chosen to go into production, resulting in a fully executed :15-:30 second social/commercial video, so your concept submission must be an idea that you could actually execute! The production budget for each selected video is $6,500 + pitch winnings and would ideally shoot the last week of July/first week in August.

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