Tesa 'Hang It All!' Project
Showcase a revolutionary product like the adjustable stretched nail.

Due October 1st, 2018 - Spread knowledge of a revolutionary product like the adjustable stretched nail, and also the rest of the range of mounting products.

Many people still think that to hang a frame on the wall that you need a hammer and nails!

They want to spread a message to as many people as possible that the opposite is true! It can be easy, nice, and simple!

How many times do we avoid doing some things simply because we do not believe we are up to it, we are afraid of making mistakes, or we are not sure of our decisions etc etc...

You can understand what we are talking about: hanging a picture always generates a moment (which in reality can even last days) of anxiety and uncertainty.

What if I ruin the wall? What if the nail breaks? What if I change my mind about the whole thing?

And above all… do I even really know how to properly use a hammer?

Make a video that demonstrates, in an original and impactful way, how you can be free of these thoughts thanks to Tesa’s mounting products.

They are not necessarily looking for a video tutorial, but more a creative approach that demonstrates how easy, practical, and safe the stretched adhesive nail system is.

For example you can think of the office of a young osteopath, in which no one really trusts because of his young age, until the secretary persuades the doctor to hang all his diplomas and awards...

Or to a young woman, who decorates her new house but changes the arrangements of paintings on a wall every day, as if it were a giant game of Tetris, full of colors and shapes! It is so varied each time, she is able to deceive her friends who come over.

Whatever story you tell it is important that you leave a mark which respects the do's & dont's listed below. The Tesa videos have a red stripe at the bottom that distinguishes them, and the videos also close with the graphic endboard, both materials will be available in the download area.

Max 30 seconds, including graphics.

Click the link below for Official Rules and more details.


1st Prize:
€4,000 (Approx. $4,700 USD)

2nd Prize:
€2,000 (Approx. $2,300 USD)

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