Original Userfarm Series 'The New Leonardos'
Who has the same exploratory spirit as the great Leonardo Da Vinci?
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Due October 1st, 2018 - Participate in the production of an original documentary series by Userfarm, dedicated to people of genius all over the world, 500 years after the death of Leonardo Da Vinci.

After the successes of “Ubiq”, “A Woman's World” and “The Crafts of Culture”, Userfarm returns to produce another documentary series with proactive contributions from filmmakers everywhere.

And for the first time this is a project based on a revenue-sharing scheme!

“The New Leonardos”

Next year will see the 500th anniversary of the death of an artist who more than any other has given meaning to the word "genius".

This is the right time to ask ourselves who, today, in different sectors, has the same ingenious attitude to life, the same exploratory spirit as the great Leonardo Da Vinci?

While researchers are on the trail of Leonardo’s biological DNA, they ask filmmakers all over the world, to uncover and tell stories of young people who have a passion and talent powerful enough to be compared, mutatis mutandis, to Leonardo.

Think, for example, of the young creator of Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency in terms of value. He is a coding genius of coding that has taken the limelight in the ever changing and always improving field of programming.

Or Elon Musk, an entrepreneur known worldwide for his visionary ability and determination.

But also and above all, equally significant but lesser-known stories such as Nina Tandon, the young researcher who is building human tissues and bones by growing them in her laboratory.

Make a documentary/biopic video that shows the person you think deserves to be known as a "New Leonardo".

If you have any doubts regarding the validity of the subject you want to showcase, you can write an email to thenewleonardos@userfarm.com with a brief description of your idea. They will reply as soon as possible with observations and feedback on your project.

Leonardo: What stories of genius could be a starting point to look for contemporary "Leonardos"?

If you're wondering this you're on the right track. Leonardo's artistic and scientific accomplishments are enormous. Of his many works and projects the tip they will give you is to enhance the lesser known and less obvious works of Leonardo, such as those present in the Codex Leicester.

Duration: 14 minutes

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Grand Prize:
With this project, Userfarm wants you to create documentary content. If they can build a successful business project with you, the profits will be shared.

*See main contest page for 'PARTICIPATION IN THE PROFITS' explanation*

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