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Create content to support the editorial plan of NEXT YOU.
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Due November 11th, 2018 - To create content to support the editorial plan of NEXT YOU, the new platform of Adecco dedicated to youth, to their training and orientation and to the building of their professional future.

NEXT YOU allows anybody to make wiser decisions in this key phase of their careers. By informing, connecting and sharing experiences and know-how on orientation, NEXT YOU will become the hub able to answer the questions of its young users and enable them fulfil their potential, enhance their skills and find out what training they need.

The videos will create identification and share among those youth which are entering the labour market and they have to face their first training and work experiences.

Your job is an important part of life which helps you define your place in the world.

Starting off on the right foot means thinking about who you are, what you are able to do, and how you want to transform your abilities into a successful professional career.

They want to tell stories or dreams of people who are taking their first steps in the world of work or who are just about to.

Think of the enthusiasm with which you start something you have dreamed of for so long, something which fits: maybe professional training or a first job.

Or the desire to find something right for you

Or even the uncertainty and the need to understand what you want and what you can do.

All of this usually happens between the ages of 18 and 30, depending on the individual and their career and study paths.

Specifically, this is the time to start to really think about our adult life. This is when we face the world of work.

The videos can be inspired by real experience, but not documentary. They can be fiction, showing how a person takes their first steps into the world of work, always with a positive attitude and a desire for self-improvement.

They are speaking about long-term dreams, but also about that moment when a person starts to work or train and think about a specific job. We’re interested in the thoughts, the doubts the hops of a person when they:

  - Start to learn a job and understand that they are developing their professionalism
  - Have just chosen a new formative path (eg. a master’s degree) and share their motivations and enthusiasm with friends, relatives and even strangers.
  - Learn to relate to a new work environment: colleagues, roles, process, etc
  - Finishing their studies and talking to friends about future careers.
  - Dream of a job and prepare themselves achieving it with sacrifice, dedication and fun.

Depending on personality and character, each person addresses this important life moment in their own way.

Excited or perplexed…the young people shown remain smart and cool….On the other hand, each of us has experienced those first tentative steps at work, haven’t we?

You can show people who are excited or people who have some doubts.

People who watch the videos should be able to say “That's what happened with me!” “Yeah, that’s how I feel.” “I am in the right place to discuss what is happening.”

They prefer videos without or with very little dialogue, if there is some dialogue it needs to be in Italian and with subtitles.

Entries can be up to 45 seconds inclusive of the endboard.

Click the link below for Official Rules and more details.


1st Video Selected:
€5000 (approx $5,800 USD)

2nd Video Selected:
€3000 (approx $3,500 USD)

3rd Video Selected:
€2000 (approx $2,300 USD)

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