Ferrero 'Tic Tac Tracks!' Video Project
Show in a video how Tic Tac can inspire a world of music and fun!

Due October 15th, 2018 - Born with an unconventional soul, Tic Tac has always had a special connection to music – and to the playful, fresh, slightly irreverent spirit of many new musical trends. With Tic Tac you can have a lighthearted party in your mouth, or you can shake its iconic box and actually make music.

Tic Tac understands music as a living (evolving) organism, as joy in everyone's life (like in “The Cable Guy” scene where Jim Carrey says that “life should have its original music soundtrack!”) and as culture (being culture but also influencing other cultures). Sharing Tic Tac can be also an element of social life just as music is.

The primary goal of this exercise is to check how creators see the relation (if any) between Tic Tac and music, which they will potentially use for research, stimuli of I/O or broader communication.

Can you keep a Tic Tac pack in you hands without making it sound? Can you think about Tic Tac without a feeling of joy?

Tic Tac adds a note of happiness to your day, doesn’t it? And Tic Tac candies beat the rhythm of your work, your study, your free time with your friends…

“Tic Tac Tracks!”

Shake it, sing it, dance it… show in a video how Tic Tac can inspire a world of music and fun!

There are so many ways to link Tic Tac and music: imagine a Tic Tac dance, a Tic Tac flash mob, a Tic Tac rhythm session, as if it was a percussion session.

You can pick a track from the Music Library and use it for your creativity, transform it into anything you want. Or you can invent your own rhythm, your own music.

Music is our breath, our steps, our lullaby when we were kids. It’s everywhere - the sound of the wind, a guitarist in the street, the rhythm of your hands writing on your keyboard… You will choose the technique, and how to make Tic Tac part of the story…step into this amazing creative Universe and go!

Keep in mind the following:
 - No kids
 - No animals eating the product
 - They suggest no dialogue

Entries can be up to 10 seconds in length + end board.

Click the link below for Official Rules and more details.


1st - 20th Video Selected:
€1000 (approx $1,200 USD)

21st - 40th Videos Selected:
€500 (approx $600 USD)

You must be aged 18 or over and register on Userfarm.

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