Koch 'For a Free and Open Society' Project
Create videos to show the importance of a free & open society.

Due September 19th, 2018 - Koch Industries is the second largest privately held company in the United States with a diverse portfolio of products including natural gas, plastics, paper products, energy, fertilizer, ranching, and fibers.

What Koch does is only part of their story; they are equally driven by the principles they stand for and hope to impart to society. Koch believes that we need to move toward a society of equal rights and mutual benefit in which people succeed by creating value for others. Their operating principles include integrity, respect, and humility.

Engage young filmmakers to create beautiful and engaging videos to show the importance of a free and open society where people are free to collaborate, share ideas, and utilize their talents to create value for others.

Some of the tenets an open society is based on are:
1. Freedom of thought and expression

By protecting individuals' right to speak freely, we secure the free flow of ideas that lead to healthy debate and inspire innovation, progress, and growth. In an open society, people are only limited by how large they can think.

2. Cultural Exchange and collaboration

A free and open society encourages exchange among people from different backgrounds and cultures. Encouraging dialogue between people with unique experiences opens our society up to creative solutions to the problems we face.

3. Equal Rights

A world with equal rights offers benefits to individuals and society alike. When equal treatment is applied to all people, regardless of what you look like or where you were born, where you start in life does not have to determine where you finish. Everyone is given the opportunity to compete and demonstrate how they are creating value for others, allowing bigger, better ideas to come to life.

Everyone has the power to make a difference, to inspire others, and to show that the only possible way to be your best self is to live in a

“Free and Open Society”

You can choose different creative angles:
 1. Stories where you envision a world where those rights are not protected, eliminating the possibility of a free and open society.
 2. Stories where the ideal open society is brought to life.
 3. Stories of persons unable to achieve their potential because they were not afforded the rights of a free and open society.
 4. Or stories of persons or communities who, with their energy and will, can make our society more open and free.

Tell these stories, with inspiring, touching and authentic videos which show that only when everyone can express their full potential, will society be truly free and open.

What would the world look like if we didn't have freedom of speech? Of thought? A world where dissenting opinions were silenced, eliminating the freedom to openly debate, exchange ideas and explore the issues that are negatively affecting people from all walks of life?

What does society look like when your country of origin, your educational opportunities, your ethnicity does not impact your ability to compete and utilize your talents to benefit you and your community? What if every person had the same opportunities to bring their ideas to the table?

What if one mistake, one small offense, could limit your ability to find a job, to build a home, or to provide for your family? Imagine if that mistake followed you for the rest of your life and you were never able to use your talents to create wealth for yourself through benefitting others?

Imagine how society could benefit if we encouraged people to explore new cultures instead of fearing difference? What amazing achievements and great outcomes could result if everyone worked together instead of knocking other cultures or ideas down?

Entries can be up to 60 seconds in length, but preferably 30 seconds.

Click the link below for Official Rules and more details.


1st Selected Video:
5,000 Euro (Approx $5,800 USD)

2nd Selected Video:
3,000 Euro (Approx $3,500 USD)

3rd Selected Video:
2,000 Euro (Approx $2,300 USD)

4th & 5th Selected Video:
1,000 Euro (Approx $1,200 USD)

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