UNDP 'Your climate change story' Video Project
Help UN political leaders understand climate change.

Due November 19th, 2018 - UserFarm is asking filmmakers to help the political leaders participating in the UN climate negotiations to better understand what climate change represents for people across the planet and how people feel are stepping up to tackle this great threat to humankind involved in this global process.

This competition is inspired by the Talanoa Dialogue, a UN-mandated process to take stock of global efforts to reduce the emissions of heat-trapping greenhouse gases and to build greater resilience to the impacts of global warming.

Ask yourself these questions:
   *Do you have a story that can help everyone understand what is going on in your country, community or group or even little town, concerning climate change and how people and organizations can help reduce emissions or adapt to the impacts of climate change and reduce emissions?
   *Do you have an idea for an artistic video able to make us think about how/what climate change impacts the lives of ordinary means for people or the steps that are or could be taken to help tackle the problem?
   *Do you know people or organizations that/who are committed to helping reduce emissions or build resilience/reduction?

If so, this is your project.

How is climate change affecting your country or your community?
Are there individuals, organisations or partnerships in your community, country or elsewhere that are developing innovative solutions to help reduce emissions or build resilience?

What innovative solutions, approaches, partnerships or best practices are out there to help tackle the threat of climate change?
Are your neighbours convincing the whole village to install solar panels?
Are you a “NO water wasting” evangelist? How?
Do you know someone who invented a tool or a process to better reduce emissions? What is their story?
Is there an inspirational leader you know of who is advocating for decisive action to tackle climate change? What is the story they want to tell?
Are your friends active in an environmental NGO?
Did you sell your car and start a CO2-free life?
How is climate change affecting your country, your beach, your town?
These are only a few examples of how, with your video, you can concretely say your word on climate change and inspire other people, including political leaders, to take action.

Through the Talanoa Dialogue, hundreds of countries, organisations and individuals have already shared their stories as part of the formal process. Below in the Annex, you will find a number of examples to guide and inspire you as you search for the story you want to tell. While you are free to select one of these stories, or another that has been shared with the Dialogue, you are also free to search for your own story.

As you search for your story, imagine you are answering one of these three questions with your video:

Where are we? (what’s the effect of climate change in your life/community/country?)
Where do we want to go? (what is the world you imagine for you and your loved ones? Why is it so important to take action?)
How do we get there? (concrete actions that are being taken or could be taken to address the threat of climate change)

Entries can be up to 60 seconds in length.

Click the link below for Official Rules and more details.


1st Video Selected:
€4000 (approx $4,700 USD)

2nd Video Selected:
€3000 (approx $3,500 USD)

3rd & 4th Video Selected:
€2000 (approx $2,300 USD)

5th Video Selected:
€1000 (approx $1,200 USD)

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