Orogel 'Let Yourself be Amazed' Video Project
Showcase this message from Orogel: 'The wonder of every day.'

Due October 2nd, 2018 - Create a series of original videos that showcase the message from Orogel: "The wonder of every day." The wonder of always having high quality seasonal products at your disposal, grown exclusively in Italy directly from Orogel's farming partners, produced and selected with care and attention.

The wonder of not giving up good ingredients by choosing foods high and rich nutritional values, especially those of the wellness line, products frozen just a few hours after harvest, able to offer a balanced mix all the goodness of nature. The wonder of living every day with positivity and wonder thanks to the life choices we have made.

They want to show this all by focusing on the wellness product line. Visit https://www.orogel.it/userfarm_benessere to discover all the qualities and let yourself be inspired.

“Let Yourself be Amazed”
Do you think it’s impossible to live everyday with wonder? Wrong!
Just wanting it, just choosing to live in a healthy, constructive and ... why not, practical way!

Think for example of a young woman who, after her dance lesson, cannot stop dancing because she is so passionate, and dances on her way home, with everyone watching. She dances until arriving to her table, where there is her favorite dish: light, nutritious, and delicious! It is as wonderful as her dancing performance on the street.

Or a young boy who tells his mom about the natural wonders that are hidden in an imaginary door inside the freezer.
Or a situation with a group of people, where different people meet up to take care of a piece of land outside the city that was once neglected and wonder how rewarding it is to preserve nature.

Make a video that can convey this message: The ability of Orogel to marvel, to make every day special, and indeed wonderful, thanks to the goodness of its products and the health benefits that you gain through the Wellness line.
Attention: we are not looking for a product focus, so the packaging must not be central to the story, if you want to show it you can but it is not mandatory, and they suggest you do it only if it is perfectly integrated into your creative story.

They ask that you use a product from our wellness line to stay within the brief.
If you want to show fresh vegetables you can but only as a "symbolic" element representing the freshness guaranteed by Orogel in its frozen food. You cannot therefore prepare dishes with fresh vegetables, washing them, cutting them etc.
Your video will end with an image which will be available in the download area with the claim: “#lameravigliadiognigiorno grazie a Orogel” The final image needs to have the Orogel logo + “La meraviglia di ogni giorno” (The wonder of everyday)

The big and small wonders of everyday that you will show, with or without the product, should in some way have to do with:
Wellness, a healthy life, nature, lightness, spontaneity, naturalness
This is because all of the wonders need to be “close” to the values of the Orogel product.

They prefer to receive videos without or with very little dialogue if there is some dialogue it needs to be in Italian and with subtitles.

Entries should be a maximum 30 seconds, inclusive of the graphics.

Click the link below for Official Rules and more details.


1st Video Selected:
€5000 (approx $5,800 USD)

2nd Video Selected:
€3000 (approx $3,500 USD)

3rd Video Selected:
€2000 (approx $2,300 USD)

4th & 5th Video Selected:
€1000 (approx $1,200 USD)

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