Mattel Rescue Workers Authentic Story Video Pilot
Tell the authentic story of a real life rescue worker.
Open Bid

Due September 19th, 2018 - Mattel is looking for talented filmmakers to create videos portraying stories around the world about rescue workers.

Firefighters, police officers, all types of emergency responders – they hail from all corners of the globe and their bravery, strength, and kindness is emblematic of the type of human beings we all aspire to be. They are positive role models for families and kids whose actions encourage critical values of practicing goodness and conquering fears in actionable ways.

Teamwork is also a big theme for rescue workers because when you work together, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish! And they use all sorts of cool tools, high tech gadgets, and vehicles to get the job done!

*They have identified five potential formats to structure your video, and they want you to choose the format that most speaks to you.

  The Hero Next Door: A fun, energetic kid host interviews or shadows local rescue workers.
  Hero Camp: Real life people or animated characters tell stories about the adventures of rescue workers around a communal setting (i.e. campfire), and the stories unfold in any style of animation.
  Heroes in Action: Kids react to real footage of rescue workers doing amazing things.
  Through a Hero’s Eyes: First person footage from a rescue worker’s POV.
  A Hero’s Path: Choose Your Own Adventure following a rescue worker’s mission.

*Please note: this project will be split into 5 phases: Pitch Qualification, Pitch, Pilot, Revisions, & Delivery.

The Pitch Qualification Phase is a helpful first step that essentially allows filmmakers to raise their hands and let them know if they’re available and have the desire and ability to take on this project. The Sponsor will be selecting at least 2 filmmakers to move forward into the Pitch Phase, and at that point, they will execute a Non-Disclosure agreement, and then gain access to the brand bible and additional information about the project to help them flesh out their pitches further.

The primary goal is to create a pilot video, up to two minutes in length, with the option of additional episodes if the sponsor greenlights more.

Click the link below for Official Rules and more details.


Pitch Qualifications (Due 9/19/18)
At least TWO pitch qualification winners will move forward into the Pitch Phase and will be awarded $500 each to further develop their pitches.

Pitch Awards (Due 9/26/18)
The sponsor will choose how many winning pitches they would like to greenlight into the next Pilot Phase.

Pilot Awards (Due 10/23/18)
Upon submitting a video and designs that satisfy the criteria laid out in your winning pitch, the pitch winner will receive his/her final payment, dependent on the agreed upon budget.

Open to Tongal community members (it's free to register!), ages 13 and older.

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