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Due November 13th, 2018 - Welcome to the world of the Best Fiends – mythical, mischievous little creatures who, in a desperate race against slime, must build a courageous team of friends to help take down the army of Slugs that has been rampaging across the land. If you haven’t played the mobile game Best Fiends yet, you definitely should – it’s a stunning and addictive blend of puzzles and adventures with RPG-style character building, and it’s got a huge fan-base, with millions of players around the world.

Working with the Best Fiends team at Seriously, Tongal is looking for a social media-focused creator to grab the slug by the tail and own this opportunity to make Best Fiends content in a pilot program spanning 3 months. You will design and create Stories that will be featured on the Best Fiends Instagram Story feed featuring an audience of half a million followers! Should the 3-month pilot be successful there is the possibility of continuation.

Your pitch will need to accommodate a minimum of 3 stories per week over the 3 month pilot period. These Stories can be a combination of videos and still imagery and should include around 3 – 5 Story chapters / segments.

Please outline how you will approach the overall creation of these stories; what the Instagram stories will look like (animated, live action, or combo of the two) and the style of voice and materials you will use (like incorporation of stickers and text). For some inspiration, check out the Best Fiends Snapchat Campaign that was marketed to a slightly younger audience, though you're Instagram Stories should appeal to the 25-45 year old crowd.

There is also the possibility for access to Best Fiends digital assets as well as the merchandise found on the Best Fiends shop for you to create your Instagram Stories, so let them know what you might want access to.

You will also need to let us know how much time you’ll need to create your content.

The goal of this project is to create 3 months worth of programmed Best Fiends Story content that will engage a dedicated and enthusiastic audience.

Below are five helpful tips to consider as you pitch us your plan for awesome Best Fiends Instagram Stories.

Be Playful about Play: Curiosity is a natural human emotion, and if you keep followers guessing, you’ll keep them watching. People want to be stimulated, challenged, and delighted in Instagram Stories.

Surprise and delight: Catch your viewers off-guard with an initial Story frame that is unexpected or out of place. Strange, counterintuitive pictures are proven to make an impact for Instagram Stories, particularly with video.

Make it relatable: Show the audience situations they can relate to. This is proven to help viewers emotionally connect with your post and mirror the reactions of the characters.

Make it interactive: A single image can go a long way with a “tap to reveal.” Give viewers a chance to guess the content of a photo before you show the full image by revealing more of an image as viewers tap through frames. As Instagram notes, “If you tap and something happens, it's better than just watching a video - this is a mobile, we like to interact with it."

Be fast: Among Stories that contained multiple scenes, on average, scenes from top-performing Stories are shorter than 1 minute. Demanding more than a minute of a followers' time is rude and excessive no matter how cool your rich friend's boat is.

Click the link below for Official Rules and more details.


Pitch Awards (Due 11/5/18)
If a most compelling Pitch is selected then the pitch winner will receive $3,000 to help create the Stories.

Video Awards (Due 2/1/2019)
Upon submitting a Video that satisfies the criteria laid out in your winning Pitch, the Pitch winner will receive a final payment of $12,000.

Open to Tongal community members (it's free to register!), ages 13 and older.

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