Zooppa 'Cleanz New Product Launch!' Project
Educate homeowners about mold for Cleanz.

Due January 3rd, 2019 - Did you know your shower is not as clean as you think it is? Even if you do scrub it every now and again, your body oils and shower products are creating an invisible feeding ground for mold; and once mold starts to grow, it’s nearly impossible to get rid of. But don’t worry, our friends over at Sashco, the makers of high-performance caulking and sealants, are launching a new product called Cleanz that literally stops mold in its tracks! Cleanz works a step ahead, by disarming mold from its power to grow. How, you might ask? Cleanz is infused with bio-based enzymes that remove these pesky body and product oils and thus remove the mold’s food, literally stripping it of its power to grow. So, you’ll never have to scrub mold around your caulk again!

Your mission is to create a funny CONCEPT PITCH (using the provided Keynote/PowerPoint template, found on the main contest page) that dramatizes homeowners feeding mold, educates female millennial homeowners on the dirty truth about mold, and makes them believe that Cleanz can stop it for good.

The top winning idea may be chosen to go into production for a :30 broadcast spot (with :15 second cutdown and 15 image stills). The production budget for the winning concept could be as high as $15,000.

No one wants to spend the weekend scrubbing mold in the bathroom, after all, you have life to live! But those black mold spots seem to show up faster than you can take care of them. It’s not only gross looking, but also makes your bathroom feel dirty and unhealthy.

You might be asking, why exactly does mold always grow so quickly? Because you’re feeding it! Mold and mildew feed on body oils, shower products, cooking oils, and bacon grease that tend to collect in the corners of your shower and kitchen.

Hence, Cleanz! The first ever active enzyme caulk that breaks down mold-feeding oils. No food, no mold, no scrubbing for you. It’s that simple! Seriously, this stuff really works.

Your pitch should be funny enough for people to want to watch and remember. It should have an element of shock or surprise that then results in hope for the solution. Focus on the bathroom, but remember Cleanz is also a great solution for the kitchen – it won’t let grease or mold take hold.

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