SPOTROCKER / Wolf of Wilderness – Video Contest
Follow the call of the wild! Create a highly emotional commercial!
Total Cash Prize Pool of €18,000
All Ages


Due March 15th, 2019 - SPOTROCKER is back with another big and exciting video contest – this time it’s for the premium dog food brand Wolf of Wilderness – a first-class own brand of zooplus, Europe’s leading online store for pets. The contest is about the uniqueness of Wolf of Wilderness; or better said: the unique, emotional positioning of this brand.

Today’s dog could actually be described as a “domestic wolf,” because it originates from the wolf; and despite millennia of domestication, a process which was first started by Indians (Native Americans), the DNA of our dogs today corresponds almost one-to-one to wolf DNA, and their digestive tracts haven’t changed significantly either. Therefore, they have followed the instinct of the wolf in the wilderness and reproduced the wolf’s natural feeding habits with Wolf of Wilderness optimally – that means, its original diet in terms of ingredients and in particular with regard to the appropriate recipe and optimal composition. The fact that they receive top ratings almost exclusively and have an extremely high repurchase rate testifies to the enormously high level of customer satisfaction and fully confirms the “wolf brand”.

So, Wolf of Wilderness is today's species-appropriate and optimal continuation of the original, grain-free and meat-heavy diet of the wolf in the free wilderness. In other words: Wolf of Wilderness is the natural, tasty, wolf-like feed for today’s dog to keep him healthy and strong.

Now the challenge is to create a gripping, near to nature commercial that stage this in a highly emotional and impressive way.

With 12,000 € the 7 best videos and 10 most active voters get awarded. And with another € 6,000 of production budget videos even get in advance. Plus: You can choose and get products worth 100 € provisioned for free.

You can participate and win with up to 3 different videos. Each video should be between 20 and 90 seconds in length, while max. 60 seconds would be greatly appreciated.

Read the brief precisely – click the link below. And to learn how SPOTROCKER works, click here.

Click the link below for Official Rules and more details.


Rocker Awards
1st Prize: €4000 (Approx. $4,600 USD)
2nd Prize: €3000 (Approx. $3,400 USD)
3rd Prize: €2000 (Approx. $2,300 USD)
4th Prize: €1000 (Approx. $1,100 USD)
5th Prize: €750 (Approx. $1,000 USD)
6th - 7th Prize: €500 (Approx. $600 USD)

Voter Awards
1st Prize: €75 (Approx. $85 USD)
2nd Prize: €50 (Approx. $60 USD)
3rd Prize: €30 (Approx. $30 USD)
4th Prize: €20 (Approx. $25 USD)
5th - 7th Prize: €15 (Approx. $20 USD)
8th - 10th Prize: €10 (Approx. $10 USD)

Additionally, a €6,000 of production budget is provided as well, which means that videos even get rewarded before the final awarding.

Open to SPOTROCKER community members – it's free and easy to join.

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