USA Network Movie Promotion Proof-of-Concept Video
Develop formats for promotional movie content for the USA Network.

Due January 14th, 2019 - Unapologetic. Brave. Risky. Relevant. Provocative. This is USA. Whether you’ve gone down the rabbit hole with MR. ROBOT’s hackers, or you’re taking parenting advice from the king of tell-it-like-it-is on CHRISLEY KNOWS BEST, you know USA is a network that champions unlikely heroes and authentic storytellers – the kind of characters that take viewers on incredible journeys with high stakes and real consequences. They take a stand, and they take us out of our comfort zone. All of this explains their tagline: We The Bold. We the Bold is an open invitation to face an uncertain future together – as we the network, we the characters, and we the viewers. It’s a promise to tell authentic stories about people who take big risks to pursue their dreams, and it reflects the values that viewers admire: bravery, authenticity, self-reliance, positivity, and resilience.

So where do you fit in, if you're an editor or a filmmaker? USA often partners with movie studios to create all sorts of promotional video content that promotes some of the most highly anticipated upcoming movie releases. But, since We The Bold is reflected in everything on USA, they’re looking for creative ways to make sure that content ties into their tagline, and into the ideas that their tagline represents.

The idea here is that USA wants a promotional movie franchise, which would be a repeatable series of short USA-branded videos that take a look at movies with USA’s unique point-of-view. This is not about just re-branding movie trailers; it’s an opportunity for USA to add value and offer something exclusive to viewers. A single franchise has the same structure, point-of-view, graphics, shooting style, or shot selection, but the promoted movie would be different in every execution. The ultimate goal is driving people to theaters to see the movie, so movie studios get value when viewers say, “Hell yeah! I can’t wait to see this in theaters!”

To create a franchise, they first need a repeatable format, and that’s your task. Since it’s hard just to describe this kind of thing, they’re looking for proof-of-concept videos that illustrate a format. So, ask yourself, what’s a “We the Bold” take on cast interviews? Or behind-the-scenes clips? If you’re using a trailer, do you use the whole trailer, or just a scene that reflects USA’s ethos? Maybe this is about highlighting members of the crew that take bold risks to bring the film’s most memorable scenes to life. There is no single right answer – USA may use different formats for different films, or even different formats for a variety of looks at the same film.

This is just an internal proof-of-concept video, so you may use any existing movie footage. Luckily, most franchise formats USA uses are clip-based, and the internet is full of clips, so you can use those for your proof-of-concept. This includes trailers, behind-the-scenes clips, interviews, etc.; anything that you can find online that can illustrate your approach to the franchise format. What will then distinguish your submission is a distinctive use of editing, text copy, transitions, graphics, and animations. USA is not looking for polish – just that you communicate your vision clearly.

Your Proof-of-Concept video should be either 30, or 60 seconds in length. THey won't be totally strict about 30 or 60 for a proof-of-concept video, but these are the two most common durations for their movie promotion franchises and you should be able to fit any format into this amount of time. Franchise Formats are typically driven by Text & Title Cards, and USA tries to stay away from using VO in the body of the vignettes. That said, if VO is included in a clip that's incorporated into your video, that's fine, especially in the title and title card beats. Otherwise, using original VO isn’t a total non-starter, but you should lean away from it. They must feel authentic to the voice and style of USA and resonates We the Bold – Unapologetic. Self-assured. Positive. Distinctive. Real. USA creates value with content that wouldn’t make sense coming from any other media partner. You are NOT required to use the We The Bold tagline, so your format should have language that supports the brand sentiment. All Formats should include the USA logo lower third lock-up with movie title and in-theaters date throughout, except when there are other GFX or titles competing with it. You’ll be able to include a description with additional information on what you might include in a franchise format. If your idea involves USA shooting new footage, tell them so, but using existing clips to demonstrate what that’d look like. If there’s an animation style that you can’t fully execute at the proof-of-concept stage, feel free to elaborate.
The intent is that the best proof-of-concept video will lead to a franchise engagement. If you succeed, you’d have the opportunity to apply your format to actual upcoming movie releases.

The goal of this project is to help USA develop a franchise format for promotional movie content by first creating a proof-of-concept video that ties everything into their tagline: We The Bold. Your proof-of-concept video can be up to 60 seconds in length, and you may make use of any video footage that you can find online, with the understanding that your video will not be publicly distributed.

Three proof-of-concept video submissions will be selected by USA, and USA will use those submissions to determine whether and how it will move forward with the promotional movie franchise format. They will also use the proof-of-concept videos to determine if one of the two winning Filmmakers will be selected to work with USA on the video franchise. In order to be considered for the franchise, you must first submit a proof-of-concept video in this project.

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Video Awards (Due 1/14/19)
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