UserFarm 'We Are Nature' Video Project
Drive the awareness that ‘nature matters’.

Due February 15th, 2019 - Engage hundreds of millions of people worldwide to understand that nature is part of our daily lives. The goal is to drive the awareness that ‘nature matters’. It is critical to the life we lead. The impact of loss of nature will affect - beyond the fundamentals such as air, water, food, our well-being, health and economy. Ultimately, a healthier nature means a better life for all - people and wildlife; therefore, we must look after nature, speak up and take action to live more sustainably.

Take a moment to think about our existence. We owe our existence to Mother Nature, yet we are losing biodiversity, or nature, at a dangerously alarming rate that will have detrimental effects worse than we can ever imagine. Therefore, we need to quickly bring people’s attention on the issue of loss of nature and

Highlight the connection between nature and how it makes our daily lives better so that people learn to care about nature to look after it.

Show how nature is important to our daily lives no matter where we live or who we are. This includes positive videos where we explore creative ways (that’s relevant to people!) to show the benefits and importance of nature and how nature makes our life better, but also impactful videos that demand attention and action.

We Are Nature.

Too few people currently understand the vital importance of nature – and the huge threats it faces. For some people, nature feels distant and unimportant. Millions of people who live in cities may only experience nature on a screen and remain disconnected and unaware how nature is impacting their lives. Some examples of why nature matters are obvious: the air you breathe, the water you drink and the food you eat, all ultimately rely on nature. But others are less obvious: nature creates the production of the most common goods and much of our way of life (products from coffee to cotton rely on biodiverse environments), and most importantly - there are many benefits of nature that actually make our lives better.

Nature is fundamental to our well-being and health. We are nature, and a healthier nature means a healthier life for all of us on this one shared home.

Unleash your creativity with any creative style, from animation to real life.

Show any environment - preferably city/urban -- that can demonstrate the connections. Nature is everywhere - especially important to show ‘nature’ is everything/everywhere beyond just the usual greenery scenes.

And only through this connection, you can learn why nature matters and teach how to protect it.

Challenge yourself. Find the message you want to communicate and express it any way you like. Animation, real life, documentary, anything is accepted.

Entries should be 60 seconds in length.

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Three Selected Videos:
€2000 (Approx $2,300 USD)

Entrants must be aged 18 or over and registered on Userfarm.

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