Tongal Logo Videos Project
Help Tongal celebrate their new logo in stylish 10-second videos.

Due January 22nd, 2019 - There’s nothing quite like the feeling of creative inspiration. That moment when all the dots connect and the picture comes into focus. We live for that moment, and we bet you do too.

Tongal’s newly-revealed logo nods to that exact instant when creativity strikes (did you notice that little lightning bolt?).

To celebrate their new look AND the creative diversity within their community, they are putting the logo into your very capable hands to bring it to life. Explain how you’d put your stamp on the new logo in a video that either transforms or reveals it in a surprising way.

What you need to know:
 *Open to ALL mediums and executions, but your pitch should be driven by visuals, and not by narrative or dialogue.
 *The video MUST end with the Tongal logo, and the final logo reveal should be on screen for a minimum of :03. The logo MUST be readable and visually distinct from the background (i.e. the logo should not completely blend into the environment -- it’s an essential part of the video).
 *The design of the Tongal logo is open to artist interpretation, but its final form MUST reflect our new horizontal logo (i.e. they aren’t looking for a new logo design, but the style the logo is rendered in is open to interpretation).
 *All work MUST be original, and should not include or reference existing IP. Any persons, places or things rendered should be of the artist’s own creation and should not be referential of any existing properties.
 *The “walls” of the logo can be broken if you choose (i.e. a character stepping through the logo; a vine growing beyond the edges of the logo, etc.).
 *AVOID voiceover, unless it’s absolutely integral to the perspective of the storytelling in your video.
 *AVOID typography that isn’t related to the T-O-N-G-A-L of the Tongal logo

The goal of this project is to create three 10-second videos that bring the new Tongal logo to life in a way that reflects the diversity of the Tongal creative community and awesome work that you do.

The assignment is wide open to artistic interpretation, and they’re looking for your unique personal style and choice of medium to come through. This isn’t about a narrative, and while they are open to some kind of micro story, the focus should really be on design, mood, and developing a clever or unique way of bringing the new logo to life. That said, they’d especially welcome executions that play with the lightning bolt motif and the concept of “creative inspiration.”

Obviously, the creative ask lends itself to artists, animators, designers, editors, and makers, so any medium can work, although if you choose to pitch something live-action, your video should be driven by visuals, and not by a straight narrative or any dialogue.

Click the link below for Official Rules and more details.


Pitch Awards (Submissions due 1/22/19)
The 3 most compelling Pitches will each receive $750 to help create their Videos.

Video Awards (Due 2/19/19)
Upon submitting a Video that satisfies the criteria laid out in your winning Pitch, the Pitch winner will receive a final payment of $750.

Open to Tongal community members (it's free to register!), ages 13 and older.

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