Userfarm 'Do you know where it goes?!' Project
Explain who RAEE is, & their advice on waste disposal.

Due March 19th, 2019 - Create a series of memorable, strong videos aiming to explain to a broad public who RAEE is, and their advice on waste disposal.

The videos must be:
Striking: That’s because many people still don’t know what RAEE is.
Memorable: Because they’ll give precise guidelines about ‘the correct behaviour’ to follow.
For the general public, because we all have something to do with RAEE disposal… and on top of that, if your video lives up to expectations, it will be used in a national campaign on TV.

Do you think that’s for you? We believe so, that’s why we urge you to try it!


The RAEE, Italian acronym for WEEE (Waste of electric and electronic equipment), is divided into 5 groups (from the biggest and bulkiest like washing machines, down to light bulbs) and they all deserve to be disposed of correctly.

Additionally cables, old phones, a broken keyboard… maybe we don’t realize how widespread they are, and none of them deserves to be thrown in the general waste!

You can find out many other details about the RAEE on their website https://raccoltaraee.it/ , which is the website of the RAEE coordination centre, the main character of this campaign.


“Do you know where it goes?!”

There are millions of items to be recycled; actually, billions, and still we often overlook them, to the point that we can’t even recognize them! It’s enough to think that more than 60% of the RAEE in the whole world does not end up in the right disposal centre!

Still, for every single one of them, there is a destiny which is already written, a happy ending we all want but very seldom happens. Why?

It’s simply because many people still don’t know what a RAEE is, and how to dispose of it! In fact, it’s not just waste, therefore it can’t be disposed of in the general waste or, as it often happens, directly in the rubbish bin!

By recycling the RAEE, risks for the environment and for human health will be minimized, and less polluting of chemicals ( like chlorine, fluorine…) and toxins ( like mercury) which can be found in electrical and electronic appliances, will disperse.

From the RAEE, precious materials like gold, copper, silver and many more can be extracted; this allows the reduction of the useless waste of massive amounts of valuable materials, which can be re-used. Your mission is to make a video, in order to raise awareness (in an imaginative and striking way) among the Italians about how to dispose of the RAEE.

You must begin from the basics, as most people still don’t know that even a light bulb is considered a RAEE.

WThey are not asking for an educational video or a tutorial; They are looking for strong ideas, acting as breakthrough towards the awareness of this world.

For example, imagine a scurrying family pulling over to abandon what looks like a dog. Only after they leave briskly we find out they threw in a rubbish bin an electric oven, two light bulbs and their old wireless telephone…

Whatever your creative subject, the endboard will be the tool allowing you to shift the attention to the message we want to convey: ‘ A RAEE is not any random waste’ – ‘Discover one among the 4000 RAEE collection points on raccoltaraee.it’.

Entries should be 30 seconds; should the video be selected, it will have to work well in 15 seconds as well. You may already make a 15-second cut to show how it performs!

Click the link below for Official Rules and more details.


1st Video Selected:
€5,000 (approx $5,700 USD)

2nd Video Selected:
€2,500 (approx $2,800 USD)

3rd Video Selected:
€1,500 (approx $1,700 USD)

4th - 10th Videos Selected:
€500 (approx $600 USD)

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