Now What? Credit Sesame Direct Response TV Project
Produce a fresh & fun TV commercial for Credit Sesame.
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Due March 14th, 2019 - There are a lot of financial institutions that give you a credit score - like banks and credit cards - but all they really do is put a number in front of you. When you’re looking to qualify for a car loan or get a better rate on a home mortgage, that’s not enough. Sure, you’ve got your score, but now what? Do you know where that number comes from? If it’s any good? What you can get with it?

Enter Credit Sesame. Credit Sesame is a free service that not only lets you access your credit score, but it also enables you to understand it, track it, and improve it, which can ultimately make it easier to get the things you want.

In Credit Sesame’s previous TV Commercial Project, the brand wanted a more traditional approach to delivering their message, but for this, they’ve developed two out-of-the-box concepts for a new direct response TV commercial. Both of these concepts revolve around that “Now what?” moment, when someone has their credit score, but isn’t sure what it means until they discover Credit Sesame.

The goal is to produce a direct response TV commercial for Credit Sesame based on ONE of the two creative concepts below. The commercial should drive traffic to creditsesame.com, and it must follow the direct response format guidelines detailed further below. You will be responsible for both a 30-second video and a corresponding 15-second cut-down.

“The Expert”
In this we meet two characters that we can loosely refer to as “the Expert” and “the Novice.” They’re about to undertake something challenging and a little over-the-top, like skydiving, waterskiing, or wrangling puppies. As we meet them, the Expert lays out their credit score problem, but says that no one tells you what to do next. Immediately after that line delivery, the action takes off - and the Novice, unprepared, is pulled right along, anxiously calling to the Expert for help in our “Now what?!?!” moment… except the Expert thinks the Novice is responding to his credit score remark, and answers the Novice’s question by launching into an extended explanation of what Credit Sesame can do. Clever and humorous action play out in the background with the harried Novice, but the Expert stays on message until the end, when things finally settle and the Expert give us our call-to-action as if nothing ever happened.

“The Twist”
This setup introduces our Lead Character in a cinematic setting, with matching attire, as they remark about their credit score problem. Suddenly, a classic movie-style twist happens around the Lead Character: a murder, a reveal, a discovery, a betrayal. Another actor calls out, “Now what?” but our Lead Character is unruffled and stays on topic, saying “Now, with Credit Sesame…” and continues to explain what Credit Sesame can do. While the dramatic twist resolves itself in the background, the Lead Character stays on message, until delivering our call-to-action as if nothing ever happened.

Here’s what else you need to know:
This is an open bid project, so you’ll get to set your overall budget proposal. You can download the Budget template on the main contest page. Credit Sesame would like each producer to create a :30 TV commercial and a :15 cutdown within a budget range of $25,000-$50,000. A “direct response” spot is about presenting a specific problem & offering a specific solution. The ideal outcome of a direct response commercial is that the audience takes immediate action in response to the commercial, and that response is to visit CreditSesame.com, or download the Android and iOS app. You should review two recent examples of their direct response approaches on the main contest page. Consider these so you can see how the problem and solution are laid out, how the benefits and features are clearly explained, and how dialogue, graphics, and text all support the main objective. You should highlight an essential pain point for users: a fear, a frustration, or an out-of-reach desire: I don’t know my credit score, or I don’t understand what’s impacting my credit score, or I need to improve my credit score to get something. That pain point might connect to something like a car loan, but either way, customers care about products that solve their problems.

This is a message-heavy spot; not a story-driven spot. The two concepts provide a clever hook and narrative framework, but after that’s established in the first few seconds, your script must stay on message through the remainder of the spot. You must provide enough info about the benefits and features of Credit Sesame for people to make a decision. Think about Geico spots in general as a reference, and check out the Key Messaging section below for the important points that should be communicated.

The two concepts are not scripts. Although they refer to “the Expert” and offer examples like “skydiving” and “murder,” this is only meant to broadly illustrate how these two conceptual frameworks might function. Don’t take them literally; be more creative and think about what you can do best that fits into ONE of these two molds and makes for an engaging - and effective - spot.
You'll need graphic design and motion graphics. You can't rely entirely on dialogue and VO, as viewers need to "get it" without necessarily hearing the audio, and that underscores the need for graphics and text. Brand logo, fonts, colors, iconography, and some in-app animations can be provided, but you should still expect to include some original work, even if it’s minimal. The timeline is fast-moving and abbreviated. Credit Sesame is looking to deploy fast, and you will need to put the production together rapidly. Credit Sesame is US-only. On-screen or voice talent should speak English with an American accent, and you should ensure that your locations don't feel too coastal (i.e. no palm trees). Beyond that, there are no geographic restrictions otherwise for who can pitch.

Creatively, you’ll probably notice that the two concepts have several things in common, but the important part is the shared three-part storytelling structure, which looks like this:
  *Introduce the credit score problem while you hook the audience with a strong visual setup
  *Pivot to the Credit Sesame solution when you trigger the action, then use the action to subvert audience expectations and keep them hooked.
  *Drive the audience to respond immediately at the end, and leave them with a clear takeaway, along with the feeling of having been entertained.

Click the link below for Official Rules and more details.


Pitch Awards (Submissions due 3/14/19)
The single most compelling Pitch will be selected and will receive initial payment with 20% of their approved budget for the commencement of pre-production on their Video.

Video Awards (Due 4/11/19)
Upon receiving approval from the Sponsor for all pre-production approvals the Pitch winner will receive an additional payment with the next 40% of their approved budget.

Upon submitting final Videos that satisfy the criteria laid out in your winning Pitch the Pitch winner will receive the remaining 40% of their budget.

Open to Tongal community members (it's free to register!), ages 13 and older.

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