SYFY Fan Made Logo Videos: Krypton Edition
Celebrate the SYFY series KRYPTON by bringing the SYFY logo to life.

Due April 15th, 2019 - Calling all Kryptonians! Produce three short TV spots that bring the SYFY logo to life in a style that celebrates SYFY's TV series KRYPTON.

If the word "Krypton" has you thinking about a man in blue tights or Marlon Brando and a white crystal space crib, then let's start this off with a quick refresher: SYFY’s KRYPTON is set 200 years before the birth of Superman, and it takes place on the man of steel's ill-fated homeworld, following the troubled rise of a young Seg-El, Superman's grandfather.

In Season 1, the planet of Krypton is threatened by the powerful supervillain Braniac, but the surprise arrival of a time-traveling General Zod helps Seg to prevent Krypton's destruction... which then completely changes Superman's timeline and erases his very existence. At the end of Season 1, Seg and Brainiac are sucked into the Phantom Zone, Krypton is taken over by General Zod, and the unstoppable villain Doomsday is set loose. You can watch an in-depth recap HERE. In Season 2, things just get worse for Seg. He'll find himself up against not only Brainiac and Zod, but also Doomsday, and eventually the ultimate intergalactic bastich himself: Lobo. It's pretty much the worst time to be a Kryptonian hero... but if you've got a thing for villains, it's a dream come true. Take a quick look at Season 2 HERE.

Once you're caught up, let's talk about these logo spots. Since SYFY is the network for fans, they've been working with fan creators in an on-going initiative where artists, animators, designers, directors, and makers are given the chance to bring the SYFY logo to life in a series of artistic and incredibly stylish TV spots. You may have seen a few of the other spots that SYFY's already produced, like these:

   SY-FLY / A Genre Transformation
   The Crazy Lab / Bringing Genre to Life
   The Guest / Halloween Fan-Made Logo

See how "SYFY" is transformed or revealed in different ways? Interpret the SYFY logo through the lens of KRYPTON, its heroes, and its villains. This new batch of videos will be just like those though: all 10 or 15-seconds, and highly visual.

Now, KNEEL BEFORE ZOD! - and check out more details below…

The goal of this project is to create a stylish and highly visual 10 or 15-second video that brings the SYFY logo to life in a style that uniquely celebrates KRYPTON, its heroes, and/or its villains, transforming or revealing the SYFY logo in the process. Watch Krypton and Krypton highlights, think about the iconography, and play off that. This is not about a narrative, and while SYFY is certainly open to some kind of "micro story," the focus is more about the art and design, and developing a clever or unique way of expressing it in your video.

Click the link below for Official Rules and more details.


Pitch Awards (Submissions due 4/15/19)
The THREE most compelling Pitches will be selected and will each receive an initial payment of $750 for the commencement of pre-production on the Videos.

Video Awards (Due 5/13/19)
Upon submitting final Videos that satisfy the criteria laid out in your winning Pitch, each Pitch winner will receive a final payment of $750.

Open to Tongal community members (it's free to register!), ages 13 and older.

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