Zooppa 'Bakugan Challenge Series' Video Project
Produce a video that showcases your best #BakuganChallenge.

Due June 4th, 2019 - In order to participate in this project, you MUST pledge. Only Zooppa members who pledge will receive the product for use in their videos. Only 35 pledging spots are available!

Spin Master is a global toy company that has been designing, developing, and manufacturing the world’s coolest toys since 1994. You can thank them for gems like Paw Patrol and Hatchimals, Kinetic Sand, Meccano, Etch A Sketch, Hedbanz, Perplexus and so many more!

Spin Master is giving Zooppa members access to a treasure chest of fun and exciting toys from their Bakugan line!

Bakugan is back and bigger than ever with new toys and a new animated show on Cartoon Network! First launched in 2008, Bakugan was a worldwide phenomenon thanks to its unique, blink-and-you'll-miss-it transformation, as the balls popped open when rolled into battle. It was the first toy to ever unbox itself! Eleven years later, a new generation of fans is aiming to become the next Bakugan battle champion! But this time, the game has been taken to another level. In addition to battling with tons of brawlers that instantly transform, there’s a collectible card game that allows fans to exercise their skill and strategy, and go deep into the mega-sized world of the Bakugan.

Your mission is to produce a 1-5 minute video that showcases the best #BakuganChallenge can you pull off. Bakugan isn’t just about head-to-head battling gameplay; it’s about showing off unique and unorthodox ways to accomplish something amazing with your Bakugan. Your goal is to create a fun challenge using Bakugan products and invite YouTube viewers to replicate it – or one up it! Think of this as Dude Perfect meets Bakugan.

Hardcore fans and older boys have embraced the head-to-head battling and the complexity of the new card game; but boys 5-7 seem to be more fascinated by simply making their Bakugan balls instantly transform.

The challenge has been taken out of the battle arena and into the real world as boys compete by designing unique challenges to pull off with their Bakugan. It’s kind of like playing H.O.R.S.E.: I just pulled this off, can you? Think of this as a version of the Ice Bucket Challenge: something that kids will see and be compelled to accomplish.

Your goal is to come up with awesome challenges that boys will want to replicate – or even be inspired to come up with and post their own.

They’re looking for videos that feature things like:
   *Bakugan Rube Goldberg: Can you roll one Bakugan ball and have it trigger a bunch of other Bakugan balls to explode open? (The Ultra Bakugan jump a little when they pop open.)
   *Bakugan Obstacle Course: Can you roll a Bakugan through an obstacle course made of household elements and make it pop open at the end?
   *Bakugan Golf: Can you get a “hole in one” by rolling a Bakugan a long distance and having it land on a Bakucore to pop open? (This is harder than you think as the ball doesn’t roll with much accuracy!)
   *Bakugan Blindfold: It can be a mini-challenge in itself to fold a Bakugan back into its ball form. They even made how-to videos showing you how to do it step-by-step! Can you fold up the balls blindfolded? With hands behind your back? Underwater? On a roller coaster? Upside down? What’s the craziest situation in which you can challenge yourself and others to fold up a ball without looking and/or being distracted?
   *Bakugan Card Stack: Can you make a house of cards that looks like a Bakugan character?
   *Bakugan 10 Spot: Can you roll 10 Bakugan at once and have them all pop open? How about 15? 20?

Use and build upon these ideas – or come up with fresh challenges!

Spin Master also wants to show that kids can have fun and compete in challenges that feature classic head-to-head battling – but in a fun and unique way. The game is simple: both players simultaneously roll their Bakugan balls into the arena and make their brawlers transform by landing on a Bakucore. The Bakucore are like little cards that lay face down. When your ball picks them up, you reveal your score. Highest score wins! Sometimes, though, your opponent will miss the Bakucore and not earn any points. Or, you can roll your Bakugan ball into your opponent’s and knock them out, allowing you to capture a Bakucore. They want to show battling in an engaging way that isn’t like the typical battle videos on YouTube.

Here are thought-starters:
   *Bakugan Pop-Up Battle: Like Billy On The Street, randomly pop up somewhere and challenge someone to battle!
   *Bakugan March Madness: Create your own bracket mini-tournament with 8 or 16 kids. Crown the victor with a prize.

Click the link below for Official Rules and more details.


1st Place: $6,000
2nd Place: $3,500
3rd Place: $2,800
4th Place: $2,000
5th Place: $1,500
6th Place: $1,200
7th Place: $1,000

Open to US residents that are Zooppa community members, 18 and older.

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