This Week @ National Geographic Pilot Project
Produce a show about National Geographic's best stories of the week.
$2,000 + Open Bid

Due April 29th, 2019 - Every single week, National Geographic presents its audiences with an absolutely massive stream of incredible content across a multitude of different platforms, from television to Snapchat to live events. If you include every owned channel and sub-brand, it’s nearly 1000 hours of video, and hundreds upon hundreds of photos, as well as countless articles and multimedia stories. Given the scale, most fans will only ever engage with a small part of this vast ecosystem, but that means they’re missing out on some of the biggest stories, so National Geographic needs a way to spotlight brand priorities and key initiatives.

“This Week @ National Geographic” is a 7-11 minute video series that aims to address that challenge: presenting fans with a bird’s-eye view of what’s happening across the entire ecosystem, and giving the brand an opportunity to curate and call attention to the most important and most relevant events of the coming week; whether that means highlighting a massive Mars story in the magazine, or promoting a Yosemite-themed Instagram takeover. That said, this is NOT just a clip show. This is more like ESPN’s Sports Center or The Star Wars Show - both shows with a lot of personality and an actual point of view on what they cover, in addition to exclusive and original content that audiences won’t find anywhere else. National Geographic needs something with all of that.

Produce a 7 to 11 minute pilot for a weekly news show on YouTube about upcoming stories and events that are happening during a given week. For the purposes of pitches and pilot development, we’ll use the week of January 6th through January 12th. National Geographic may select a different week for the pilot, but only past weeks will be considered. You may use ANY content that appeared on National Geographic’s channels during the week of January 6th if it helps you illustrate your format, but we’ve included hand-picked content further below, and note that the content can be used as the topic for any of the segments in your episode.

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Pitch Qualification Awards (Submissions due 4/29/19)
Four Pitch Qualification winners will be selected to move forward into the Pitch Phase and awarded $500 to further develop their pitch, and complete both a detailed show treatment and a final budget proposal. Please note that Pitch Qualification winners are not guaranteed to be greenlit into production.

Pitch Awards (Due 5/9/19)
The TWO most compelling Pitches will be selected and will receive an initial payment with 20% of their approved budget for the commencement of pre-production on their Videos.

Video Awards (Due 6/24/19)
Upon submitting final Videos that satisfy the criteria laid out in your winning Pitches the Pitch winners will receive the remaining 40% of their budget.

Open to Tongal community members (it's free to register!), ages 13 and older.

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