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Hepatitis C a silent liver disease, can be cured. Let's confront it!

Due September 9th, 2019 - Hepatitis C is a disease which causes damage to the liver, and it’s due to the HCV virus (Hepatitis C virus). The infection can be passed only through blood-born transmissions, which means through direct contact, blood-blood (wounds or lesions of the skin) or through contaminated blunt/sharp object (razors, blades, scissors…) and also through the use of tools not properly sterilized during cosmetic and hospital treatments (at the dentist, at surgical procedures, endoscopies…)

A transfusion, a simple tattoo, unprotected sex… these are just a few risky situations which every one of us might have undergone, thus contracting the infection (see a more complete list below).

Hepatitis C is a silent disease: Once contracted, very often it’s asymptomatic. It’s, therefore, possible to live with this disease and “feel fine” for a long time, without realizing. Unfortunately, the disease does advance and can lead to serious consequences, among which are a need for transplant and even death.

If in doubt of having contracted the disease due to being involved in a high-risk situation, or if one is aware of actually having the disease despite feeling well, the first thing to do is to talk with a doctor, and then get tested. Today there are solutions to heal the infection.

Thanks to the utilization of new therapies, it’s possible to eradicate hepatitis C in almost 100% of cases. This is a realistic and achievable objective, to the point that the World Health Organization asked its state members to reach it by 2030.

Through your videos, they want to raise awareness and inform the highest number of people about the fact that every one of us can have a role in the elimination of hepatitis C: Whoever among us thinks to have been involved in situations at risk can win the battle against the virus. The first step is going to the doctor and understanding what to do (Firstly, get tested). All together, we can win the battle and eliminate the infection, the same way other people have done and are doing now in Italy.

Your video must be oriented in introducing Hepatitis C and bring whoever thinks they have been exposed to the virus, for any reason and even only once, to take action and speak to the doctor (First of all, to get tested).

It’s an easy path, and, as many other things in everyday life, the only big obstacle is taking the initiative and starting the journey.

Create a video able to inspire people to take the initiative and win. Exactly the same way as the people who defeated or are defeating the HCV virus.

What kind of video?
The videos can use a metaphorical approach to illustrate the disease and push people to take initiative.

They can be stories or testimonials of people who directly or indirectly fought and defeated the HCV virus. For example, they could be tales about the path of healing of people who cured the infection, stories of relatives, friends or acquaintances, healed or who want to heal, or finally stories regarding people who want to eradicate the infections or other key players of its elimination (i.e. doctors who healed or are healing patients with the HCV virus).

It’s up to you to choose the most interesting and original perspective, as well as the best protagonists to affirm that all together, we can defeat the HCV virus.

LENGTH OF THE VIDEO: Up to 45 seconds

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First Selected Video:
Euro 5,000 (Approx. $5,600 USD)

Second Selected Video:
Euro 3,000 (Approx. $3,400 USD)

Third Selected Video:
Euro 2,000 (Approx. $2,300 USD)

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