Playrix Homescapes Social Video Suite Project
Create fun & engaging videos to increase downloads of Homescapes.
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Due July 31st, 2019 - Homescapes is a fun, interactive, and immersive match-3 game with a deep storyline that allows you to live out your interior decorator dreams as you help Austin the Butler renovate his childhood home. It’s the perfect break-time activity.

Playrix wants to help Homescapes stand out from the incredibly crowded field of free mobile games with a suite of digital videos that speak directly to viewers and encourage them to download the game. The goal of this project is to create five live-action digital videos, :15-:30 seconds each, that will encourage viewers to download Homescapes, a free Playrix game available on Android and iOS. Your videos should be simple but fun and engaging and must include actual or simulated gameplay in a live-action setting.

Easy as a Tap
Home movers, carrying a heavy couch, move it from left to right with difficulty. A woman’s voice (subtitles) directs them: “To the left! No, more to the right.” Camera pulls out and she’s actually playing Homescapes and moving a couch in the game.

BRAND NOTE: There are no movers in the game, so take a creative approach to this device and be sure to grab viewers’ attention within the first 3 seconds, especially with sound off.

A Change of Scene
A woman sits still, engrossed in playing Homescapes on her tablet. Meanwhile…all around her, her home is changing: wallpapers switch colors, furniture is replaced and rearranged, new pieces appear. She looks up briefly – and continues to play.

BRAND NOTE: The brand likes how this concept brings the game to life and doesn’t require audio. Be sure to show her home ‘renovating’ in the first 3 seconds to catch attention early.

A Whole New World
Brad sits on his drab couch in a drab house playing Homescapes. After matching icons, his couch is suddenly transformed into a luxurious one. He scores again and his home is now beautiful. His ugly dog walks in, and POOF! a show dog!

BRAND NOTE: Again, be sure to show the transformations in the first 3 seconds. Consider showing Brad’s dog changing into a tabby cat like Barnaby, the in-game cat.

Match Everything
Woman plays Homescapes religiously; now she must match everything in real life. Books on bookshelf are sorted by color; clothes in the closet match up perfectly; bag of candy is separated into colors; files in drawer all color-coordinated, etc.

BRAND NOTE: We love the idea of taking the match-3 gameplay into the real world and showing the woman matching 3 items together to create order and harmony. This really brings the metaphor to life.

Birds of a Feather
People in life-size puppets (cup, table lamp, book, etc) are looking for each other. A pair of identicals meets, but nothing changes. Then a 3rd identical puppet comes in, and magic happens! Short, energetic dance and they disappear, freeing up space for a new match.

BRAND NOTE: Feel free to get wacky with the puppets/costumes and the dance to grab attention, especially in the first 3 seconds.

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Pitch Awards (Due 7/31/19)
The most compelling Pitch will be selected and will receive $2,750 to help produce their Videos.

Video Awards (Due 8/21/19)
Once all project files and raw footage have been delivered, the filmmaker will receive $11,000 for their work.

Open to Tongal community members (it's free to register!), ages 13 and older.


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