Foreigners on China International Competition
Submit short videos with Chinese culture.
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Due April 18th, 2020 - The competition is on the lookout for the best short videos, multilingual and best encapsulate stories that make a difference! The video forms can vary from talk shows, interviews to features and documentaries. The themes will focus on China going global, China’s economic reform and development, China’s urban construction, Chinese global brands and the popularity of Chinese culture. They aim to encourage video creators, social media hosts and bloggers, both professional and amateur, from around the world who are interested in China to share their unique perspectives about China and tell their stories about China including thoughts on modern China, its people and society.

Special Category: Poverty Alleviation
Stories about ordinary people’s lives in China, and stories about Chinese people’s efforts in poverty alleviation are preferred. This category is open to all participants living and working in China.

Discovering China from Outside Its Borders
Stories about China from around the world. Narrating stories about China from your city in your perspective. Stories will focus on Chinese enterprises, people, food and products. This category is for participants from overseas, especially for overseas Chinese citizens and institutions.

Experiencing China and its Development
Foreigners’ ideas and feelings on the current direction of the Chinese economy; its technology and social development. As a foreigner in China, what does China’s booming economy mean to you? What kind of impact has China’s latest tech service innovations had on you? Its booming economy also includes high-speed railways; new energy automobiles; green architecture; unmanned supermarkets and mobile payments system. Share what you love about China’s innovative economy and they can help you to tell your story to the world. This category is for foreigners who work and live in China or have worked and lived in the country previously, and for Chinese who can be the director to cover those topics.

My Favorite Chinese City, or Cities
Foreigners' feelings, ideas, and expectations of Chinese cities. It could be an encounter between you and the Chinese city you love, or you went there to visit. You could tell stories that happen every day in a city that you are living in now, or have stayed in. They expect you to tell the story of Chinese cities - big or small – and explain why you love it, what makes it special, what kind of culture or history it has? How Chinese people there live their life, what kind of future you expect if you are living there? Your video can showcase the uniqueness of the city. This category is for foreigners who work and live in China or have previously worked and lived in the country, and for Chinese who can be the director to cover those topics.

Stories of Me and the Chinese People
Narrate or film stories between you and Chinese people from your perspective as a foreigner in a way that can advance relations between Chinese people and foreigners. Your experiences of working with or simply encountering Chinese people must encapsulate the essence of what is Chinese tradition, culture and social norm. For example, how do the Chinese view their personal and professional lives? What are their personalities like? How does it differ from person to person? What do they think of the world and the things around them? How do they behave? What kind of differences are there between you and the Chinese? Your video should aim to inform foreigners about the values of Chinese people and their life philosophy. This category is for foreigners who work and live in China or have previously worked and lived in the country, and for Chinese who can be the director to cover those topics.

Foreigners in China
Stories about foreigners starting businesses, working, living and traveling in China. This part is about you and you only. Your experiences about starting your own business, working, living and traveling in China, and your dreams in China are the core content in this video. This category is for both Chinese and foreign participants, but foreigners should play more of a key role.

Entries should be less than 5 minutes and be presented in the form of documentary, interview, talk show or feature. All languages are acceptable.

Click the link below for Official Rules and more details.


Grand Prize:
All the excellent award winners will be invited to the award ceremony in Beijing followed by a theme tour.

25 Excellent Award Winners:
Honored with a certificate and $750

50 Honorable Mentions:

*The winning group or individual will also have the chance of being recruited by any of the 20-plus media companies under the China International Publishing Group, specializing in new media.

Open Worldwide. Both professionals and amateurs are welcome. Participants can be individuals, groups or even companies or organizations.

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