Userfarm 'Mitsubishi' Project
Create videos that describe the decision-making crisis.

Due November 18th, 2019 - Create a series of original and amusing videos, that manages to describe in a memorable and punchy way a critical moment that we all, sooner or later, experience: the decision-making crisis! Why describe a moment of crisis? Because Mitsubishi has introduced a new model to the market that manages to dispel any doubt about how you choose your next car!

Mitsubishi is the Japanese car manufacturer that has been constantly innovating for over a century. A legendary brand when it comes to all-wheel drives, Mitsubishi was the first to launch a plug-in hybrid 4X4 SUV: the Outlander PHEV.

This model quickly and naturally became the best-selling plug-in hybrid vehicle in Europe.

Why was it so successful? Because the Outlander PHEV became the wisest and easiest choice for thousands of people! Because it manages to combine so many different features in a single model!

For example, the Outlander PHEV can be recharged like any other 100% electric vehicle (on a simple domestic plug, no need for special installation, or on a public charging station) and also contains a conventional combustion engine to increase the overall vehicle range. So you can enjoy the advantages of an electric car without the restrictions. It's the best of both worlds (electrical and combustion).

And then there are the benefits of 4-wheel drive, tax incentives, low noise, low emissions... to discover all the features that make it unique, check out the link on the main contest page.

In short, this machine has it all! By choosing Mitsubishi's PHEV, you are making the right choice for yourself and the planet, so why wait any longer? For once, there's an easy decision to make!

CALL TO ACTION: If making a decision puts you in a bit of a crisis ...

In life, we have to make choices every day. Some choices are more difficult than others; some are particularly compelling, especially when the decisions to be made are complicated.

Furthermore, some people have even more difficulty than others when it comes to making decisions, suffering a "decision crisis" even when trying to choose which clothes to wear in the morning!

These are the kinds of situations that you should highlight in your videos! Your video should by symbolic and memorable so that it gets to trend on digital and social media channels!

Imagine your video as the first part of the ad that they will edit, in the second part, in fact, they will merge in the images of the Outlander PHEV with a creative dissolution!

For example: You love these pink shoes, but you also love the blue ones. You dream of getting married, but you also love your freedom. You like big cars, but you don't want to pollute the planet ... In short, you never know how to choose in life and you always end up deciding not to decide. Good news, the Outlander PHEV is so beautiful that you won't have to choose. It's not a choice, it's obvious.

As you can see, they can also be "Cornelian dilemmas", however, they need to be situations in which this difficulty in making decisions becomes exhilarating, a bit crazy, always memorable! It will have to make an impact and intrigue us until the end of the ad were we will takeover, here is an even more detailed example.

A woman hesitates between two pairs of shoes. She hesitates for a long time. She imagines her wedding with pink shoes, then the same wedding with blue ones... In the end, she leaves the shop with all the colours (a dozen boxes). VOICE-OVER: "In life, there are difficult choices to make."

Packshot produced with Mitsubishi images. Voice-over: "Fortunately, with the Mitsubishi PHEV, you no longer have to choose. ".

You have to create a "first part" that matches the best-selling plug-in hybrid vehicle in Europe!

Are you ready? Fasten your seat belts and turn on your video camera!

Entries can be up to 30 seconds in length.

Click the link below for Official Rules and more details.


First Selected Video:
Euro 5,000 (Approx. $5,500 USD)

Second Selected Video:
Euro 3,000 (Approx. $3,300 USD)

Third Selected Video:
Euro 2,000 (Approx. $2,200 USD)

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