Mixtiles Gifting Video Project
Produce a social ad that will get viewers excited about Mixtiles.
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Due November 11th, 2019 - Produce a direct response Facebook and Instagram ad (up to 15-seconds long) that will get viewers excited about gifting Mixtiles.

With the holidays coming up, they're looking to create a video that REALLY shows just how amazing Mixtiles is as a gift for women to give!! Your video should highlight the benefits of gifting Mixtiles in a :15 second direct response ad for Facebook and Instagram based one of the following:

Concept 1: Mallory is hiding a gift behind her back. She calls her mom over. But instead of handing mom the gift, she sticks it right on the wall! Mom's reaction is surprise then joy! Reveal Mixtiles photos of mom and daughter perfectly arranged on the wall!

Concept 2: Person takes a snapshot on their phone. Continous flowing shot - Camera zooms into the image captured then zooms out to Mixtile in a gift box. Zoom out, hands pick it up, zoom out further to the person receiving the gifts face.

The key for both concepts to make sure the visuals make it apparent that it's for the holiday season.

As part of your direct response ad, you must include a 2-3 second product demonstration clip as part of your video. The demo should include insert shots of:
  1. Hands ordering Mixtiles on their phone.
  2. Show the picture selection and scrolling between frames and matting (to show the selected pictures inside the frames)
  3. Removing the Mixtiles from the box.
  4. Peeling the Mixtiles frame to show the adhesive strip.
  5. Placing the Mixtiles frame on the wall.
  6. Removing and resticking the Mixtiles frame.

Why do Mixtiles make the perfect gift for women to give?

Everyone loves great pictures of family, friends, memories, pets, and special moments. And everyone has these photos!
The person receiving your Mixtiles will know you actually thought about them. You didn’t just buy something generic. It’s unique, original, and thoughtful.
It’s a gift anyone can use because it’s super simple. It sticks to walls without hammer & nails.
It’s a gift people actually use. They put it on their wall, and it stays there. Every time they see it, they’ll remember you thought about them and made their home more beautiful.
It’s super easy to give! It takes only 5 minutes, and you can do it from your phone from anywhere in the world. You can also add gift notes to make it even more personal and touching.
Shipping is FAST and takes less than a week to arrive.

What are direct response ads?
Direct response ads are designed to cause an immediate response and encourage a prospective customer to take advantage of the seller's offer.

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Pitch Awards (Due 11/11/19)
The most compelling Pitch will be selected and will receive a portion of the budget to help produce the Videos.

Video Awards (Due 11/20/20)
Once all project files and raw footage have been delivered, the winning filmmaker will receive the remainder of the budget for their work.

Open to Tongal community members (it's free to register!), ages 13 and older.

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