Japan Airlines Business Class Travel Video Project
Increase awareness of Japan Airlines for international travelers.
Open Bid

Due December 2nd, 2019 - Produce a fresh, powerful, and unique video that increases awareness of Japan Airlines’s status as the leader in wellness for international business travelers.

The goal of this project is to produce a video campaign within a budget of up to $250,000 that shows how Japan Airlines takes a radical wellness-first approach to international travel, especially for its business class passengers.

In a previous project, Tongal sourced four concepts for how best to bring to life JAL’s philosophy that business travel should be as convenient, comfortable and empathetic as possible by catering to travelers’ physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Now they’re looking for filmmakers to pitch how they’d bring one of these four concepts to life in an emotionally-resonant, innovative, and memorable video campaign.

Pitch Concepts:
  Yutori – This uniquely Japanese term is generally used to connote a state of psychological well-being and positive perspective – and is, therefore, synonymous with the JAL experience, their unique amenities, and attention to detail. Bring yutori to life by showing how JAL’s commitment to service and robust amenities allows travelers to spend their flight exactly how they want to for a holistically positive and unmatchable flight experience.

  Hotel vs Airplane – Business traveler is gushing to a coworker about his/her recent trip: restful sleep, wonderful service, healthy but delicious food. The co-worker thinks they’re talking about a luxury hotel, but the traveler was describing their JAL flight. This concept has the opportunity to really stand out by putting the viewer in the traveler’s shoes in a fun and engaging way. It also allows us to flip how we typically talk about and view air travel and create contrast between JAL and the competition without going negative. Think about what situation these co-workers are in and how you can use visuals to bring JAL into the story before the reveal.

  Wellness Information Video – People hate watching pre-flight safety information about seatbelts and air masks, but there’s no denying the format is incredibly recognizable. Do something unexpected with the format and create the world’s first-ever pre-flight wellness video that focuses on all of the amenities and aspects of service that make each JAL flight an unparalleled relaxing and fulfilling experience.

  Ukiyo – Ukiyo means “floating world” in Japanese, and that’s exactly what a JAL flight is: a floating world unto itself. Bring this to life with stunning visuals and a strong focus on textural, ASMR-like sounds, like how a passenger reacts to key in-flight moments: a gasp of appreciation as the flight attendant places their bento box in front of them; an exhalation of relief as they use the in-flight WiFi to finish a presentation; blowing hot steam off a fresh mug of tea; sighing as they settle back into their SkySuite seat to fall asleep.

Regardless of which concept you base your pitch on, your treatment should speak to how you’d show JAL’s commitment to traveler wellness and create an emotional connection with viewers. You can do this with humor, striking visuals, and audio, a bold narrative, or some combination of all three – but you must show how you intend to create something unique that stands out from the norm of airline spots.

You must base your pitch on one of the four concepts in the Background/Additional Details section found on the main contest page. More background on JAL's wellness philosophy can also be found there, along with a brief history of the airline.

Depending on timing, location and final production budget, JAL can provide a trained flight attendant actress/model and coach, as well as some still photographic images that the greenlit filmmaker may choose to incorporate in their video. A SkySuite 1 seat may be available for the greenlit filmmaker to use as well, if desired. Please note that these costs may factor into your production budget, so take that into account in your pitch. Tongal and JAL will work out these potential costs with the greenlit filmmaker at the beginning of pre-production.

Five filmmakers will receive $500 to revise their pitches and create a pitch video to help the Sponsor make their final greenlight decision. This is an open bid project, so you will get to set your own budget proposal up to $250,000.

Click the link below for Official Rules and more details.


Pitch Awards (Due 12/2/19)
The most compelling Pitches will be selected and will receive a portion of their budget to help produce the Videos.

Video Awards (Due 1/23/20)
Once all project files and raw footage have been delivered, the winning filmmakers will receive the remainder of the budget for their work.

Open to Tongal community members (it's free to register!), ages 18 and older.

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