Subway Vigilante: Then & Now Doc Video Project
Pitch your plan to create a doc on the evolution of vigilantism.
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Due February 17th, 2020 - A premium Hollywood content studio is looking for a creative and compelling documentary examining how the public responded to so-called "Subway Vigilante" Bernhard Goetz in the 1980s vs how they might have responded to a similar incident today. Pitch your plan to create a documentary on the evolution of vigilantism for the opportunity to produce it as a full-length film or multi-part series.

In 1981, Bernhard Goetz shot and wounded four African-American teens he claimed were attempting to mug him on a New York City subway. He would go to become known as "The Subway Vigilante," and a symbol of New Yorkers' frustrations with the city's high crime rates in the 1980s. The criminal trial that followed - in which he was declared not guilty on all counts apart from carrying an unlicensed firearm - sparked a media sensation & began a nationwide conversation on race, crime, and self-defense.

Though this happened in 1981, there are clear ties to acts of vigilantism that still happen today. They're looking for a documentary that can examine how the public's perception of Bernhard Goetz's actions would have changed between then & now. How did audiences and the media respond originally? Would he be seen as a hero or a murderer - and how does the public regard vigilantes in situations like this today?

After selecting this concept in our earlier documentary concept project, Tongal has teamed up with one of Hollywood’s premium content studios and they’re looking for unexpected ways to examine "The Subway Vigilante" as well as modern-day vigilantes, and their impact on our culture. This is a massive opportunity, and the studio wants to help bring the best stories to life from whatever stage they're at - as feature-length films, or as multi-part series for the top TV and streaming platforms.

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Pitch Award (Due 2/17/20)
The most compelling pitch or pitches will be greenlit and will receive a budget to create a sizzle video and deliver a one-page synopsis along with a full treatment.

Video Award (Due 5/8/20)
Once all project files and raw footage have been delivered, the winning filmmaker will receive the remainder of the budget for their work.

Open to Tongal community members (it's free to register!), ages 13 and older.

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