At Home with Amy Sedaris Spoof Videos Project
Make crafting & cooking spoof videos for 'At Home with Amy Sedaris'.
Open Bid

Due March 30th, 2020 - Create crafting and cooking spoof videos to support the season 3 launch of At Home with Amy Sedaris on TruTV.

Okay, question: why do crafting and cooking videos take themselves so seriously? It seems like every other video on social media offers some tutorial or recipe that's going to improve your focus, grow your hair, and clear your skin. But if we're being honest, when has an overly-earnest video for cinnamon rolls or a DIY cleaning solution ever lived up to all of its lofty promises?

That's what we love about At Home with Amy Sedaris. This super quirky, wacky, and ultimately charming show brings to life all of the crafting and cooking tutorials you didn't know you needed, every week on TruTV. From relaxing a turkey (very important!) to tips to avoid crafting accidents, Amy, her characters, and some famous friends share tutorials that you never knew you needed...because you didn't.

Now TruTV is looking for Tongal filmmakers to bring their own kooky tutorial spoofs to life as a suite of social videos to help support the season 3 launch of At Home with Amy Sedaris. Your videos will extend the show's universe to connect with existing and new fans on social.

They're open to live-action, stop motion, or animation and a variety of formats, including top-down tutorials like this or the "With Me" format. You can choose to base your pitch on either Crafting Tutorials, Cooking Tutorials, or both. Your videos should look and feel like they belong in the universe of At Home with Amy Sedaris: a kitschy take on a home kitchen or crafting nook and tutorials and recipes for an incredibly niche audience.

Their priority is to make sure everyone is safe. Along with that, they’re working really hard to keep people working during this strange time. Advice here is to submit only if you feel you can do something within the anticipated timeline that ensures everyone's safety given today's reality.

This is an open bid project, so you will get to set your own budget proposal, up to $2,000 per video, for up to three videos (Crafting or Cooking) or up to six videos against both categories.

Click the link below for Official Rules and more details.


Pitch Awards (Due 3/30/2020)
The most compelling Pitch will be selected and will receive a portion of the budget to help create the videos.

Video Awards (Due 4/15/2020)
Once all project files and raw footage have been delivered, the winner will receive the remainder of the budget for their work.

Open to Tongal community members (it's free to register!), ages 13 and older.

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