SYFY Geek Out On Lockdown Part 2
Show SYFY on how you making the best of this lockdown.

Due April 2nd, 2020 - Submit a hilarious and wildly entertaining lo-fi video for SYFY that will show the world how you (or your favorite characters) are making the best of this lockdown.

Social. Isolation. Sucks. But you know what, everyone is tired of talking about it, and the world needs a distraction! We're all geeks though, we're all creative, and we've all got our own quirky little ways of hanging in there, so let's have some fun while we're stuck at home. SYFY wants to remind people it's okay sometimes to find the fun in being at home, so they're putting out another open call for hilarious and wildly entertaining short videos - :10, :15, :20, or :30 - that show the world how you (or your favorite characters) are geeking out out lockdown.

Embrace your fandom and make them laugh, whether you (or your cats?) love science fiction, fantasy, comic book, horror, whatever.

There are three particular themes of videos SYFY's interested in but you can interpret them however you want, and know that high production value is not the point. SYFY is looking for home-made, lo-fi, DIY style videos, like this or (if you're an animator) this.

What are you doing to distract yourself? Bust out the broomsticks, the cardboard boxes, your childhood sock puppets, and whatever else you've got lying around to give SYFY a lo-fi parody of your favorite genre movie scene, or show off something else that fits the theme.
What would your favorite character be doing? What's a stir-crazy Superhero like? How does an alien make the best of things?
How does being a genre geek make lockdown more entertaining? Are you reenacting Game of Thrones but playing every role yourself? Have you done "the floor is lava!" as Anakin Skywalker with your mop handle lightsaber? (Obviously the plant is Obi Wan...)

Now, HANG IN THERE. GEEK OUT. But also, stay the F**K home!

Tongal's priority is to make sure everyone is safe, and along with that, they’re working really hard to keep people working during this strange time. Their advice would be to submit only if you feel you can do something within the anticipated timeline that ensures everyone's safety given today's reality.

Click the link below for Official Rules and more details.


Video Awards (Due 4/2/2020)
The 5 most compelling videos will be selected and will receive a $500 payment for their video.

Open to Tongal community members (it's free to register!), ages 13 and older.

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