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"No Game = New Game" Video Contest
If you've got no game, you could win a game!
FREE New copy of "DJ HERO" video game
All Ages
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Sean Kim from Saint Louis, MO
Grand Prize
Sean K
Saint Louis, MO
Very surprised about the win, thought it was too extreme. (1520 days ago)

Due November 22nd, 2009 - For the “No Game = New Game” Contest, we invite people from all over the United States to tell us about their most entertaining “Tales From The Non Juan Side” encounter.

For guys, this means that you share with the world the WORST “game” you ever tried on a lady [ie: your most embarrassing experience Non Juan moment with a woman]. For all the sexy ladies out there, this is your opportunity to call out one of the guys that has truly exemplified “Non Juan-ness” [ie: had the DUMBEST lines, pitifully attempted to seduce you, or subjected you to a horror dating story].

Your “No Game = New Game” Contest entry should adhere to the following limits:
• Story comment: Up to 2,048 characters in length
• Video: 1 video, no longer than 5 minutes MAXIMUM

Click 'Visit Contest' below for complete details.


Grand Prize
• Activision’s New “DJ HERO” Video Game in gaming system of your choice (up to $199 in value)
• Autographed Copy of Non Juan’s “909s and Heart Flatlines” CD

2nd – 10th (Consolation) Prizes
• Non Juan’s “909s and Heart Flatlines” Mp3 Download

You must be 18 years of age or older to participate and a resident of the United States (except Puerto Rico).

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