Nutella & Go! Live-Action Video Project
Create a video that drives awareness to snackable Nutella & Go!

Due today - Create a :15 digital video that drives awareness to snackable Nutella & Go! based on one of four fun taglines.

The goal of this project is to create a fun and lighthearted :15 digital video that brings to life one of four Nutella & Go! taglines sourced in a previous project. Your videos will be part of a multimedia campaign to create awareness and excitement around Nutella & Go!, and let consumers know that Nutella & Go! is the perfect snack for enjoying anywhere, at any time.

Nutella & Go! is a snack that pairs breadsticks or pretzels with Nutella. While traditional Nutella is marketed as a breakfast spread with the tagline, "Wake up to Wow,", Nutella & Go! is meant for snacking at any time of day. Nutella & Go! travels well, but it's also great for convenient snacking on the couch or at your desk; it's an easy way to enjoy your favorite breakfast spread, any time of day. Think aspirationally about how your video can help viewers recognize that they deserve a pause, a reminder to live in the moment, and that any moment can be a "wow" moment with Nutella & Go! Beyond that, get crafty about how you can show different people, different locations, and different situations where Nutella & Go! is being enjoyed.

Your pitch MUST be based off of one of the below taglines. No matter which tagline you choose, think of how Nutella & Go! can help people take a pause from daily life to create a "wow" moment for themselves, their kids, or with friends and family. Think about how Nutella & Go! gives consumers the opportunity to live in the moment and treat themselves or their loved ones with an indulgent reward.

You may combine aspects of different taglines, but your pitch must be aligned to one of these taglines:

The premiere snack to satisfy your taste buds. "Dip in" emphasizes the delectable, rich nature of Nutella & Go!
DIP INTO WOW! highlights the experience of Nutella & Go! and captures both sides of what makes Nutella & Go! a unique snack: it’s not just the creamy Nutella spread, but also the crunchy, dippable breadsticks or pretzels that set it apart from everything else, including Nutella itself. The "Dip" aspect in and of itself is unique in the world of sweet snacks and brings the actions of eating Nutella & Go! to life in a way that's easy to understand.

Nutella & Go!’s portability is a dual reward for everything we take on every day: not only is it a delicious treat, it’s an opportunity to take a breath and savor the moment. This tagline implies a sense of action and excitement: it feels tailored to our busy lives. Don’t overthink it; just grab it and Go!, even if you’re only going to your couch. This tagline conveys an easy-going, carefree feeling with a positive, active energy and leaves room to show the versatility and convenience of Nutella & Go! It works for both a 'ready, set, go!' mentality and the idea of slowing down and enjoying the moment amid our busy lives, with a possible dose of humor and wittiness.

With phones and other distractions, it's easier to not be in the moment nowadays. Especially if those moments are normal. With Nutella & Go!, you can turn any 'now' into a 'Wow!' moment for yourself, your kids, or your loved ones.
This tagline captures what makes Nutella & Go! special and conveys it clearly for long-time Nutella snackers as well as those who are new to the product. It's energetic, and assigns a positive emotion to the product, showing Nutella & Go! as a way to turn ordinary moments into special moments and encourages the viewer to focus on enjoying the moment. Wherever you are, whatever you're doing, whether you’re having the best day of your life or need to salvage a rough day, that moment can be made better with Nutella & Go!
Among other possible executions, "Turn Now Into Wow" can juxtapose before/after situations in a fun, creative way. Turn any now into wow by activating your tastebuds. Live in the moment, be in the flavor.

With Nutella & Go! you can have Nutella anywhere and anyhow you want, and this tagline expresses that versatility. Nutella & Go! is a delicious snack for any moment or place. This tagline captures the portability of the snack and literally capitalizes on the wow-factor, satisfaction, and purity of emotion that Nutella & Go! promises. It's a catchy play on words that is easy to remember, expresses the versatility idea that you can have it anywhere, maintains the "wow" branding, and cleverly expresses the intrinsic euphoria that Nutella provides. "WOW!" is the exact reaction consumers should have after trying the crunch, creamy, salty, and sweet combination of Nutella & Go!

During COVID-19, Tongal's priority is to make sure everyone is safe. Along with that, they’re working really hard to keep people working during this strange time. Our advice here is to submit only if you feel you can do something within the anticipated timeline that ensures everyone's safety given today's reality. It is possible that considerations and flexibility are possible in the timeline, but please consider these factors as you pitch.

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Pitch Awards (Due 5/26/2020)
The two most compelling pitches will be greenlit and the responsible creator will receive $4,000 in funding.

Video Awards (Due 8/10/2020)
The two most compelling pitches will be selected and will receive $6,000 for their work.

Open to Tongal community members (it's free to register!), ages 13 and older.

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