Wynonna Earp 101: Explainer Video Editing Project
Get people excited and up-to-date with SYFY's Wynonna Earp.
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Due June 8th, 2020 - Create a suite of explainer videos with some real attitude to get people excited and up-to-date with everything WYNONNA EARP before the show's season 4 premiere on SYFY.

After a long hiatus, our favorite girl with a big-ass gun is heading back to SYFY. WYNONNA EARP is returning for its fourth season, and to help fans new & old get caught up with everything that's gone down in Purgatory from seasons 1-3, SYFY is looking to create a suite of short videos that will give everyone a crash course in "Wynonna 101." They're NOT just talking about your everyday explainer here; they're looking for something with all the swagger and sass that makes Wynonna Earp such a fan favorite.

Each video will cover one of the show's key characters and story elements in 60-90 seconds, and they don't expect you to know everything upfront. Besides, the hope is also to bring in new fans, so it can't just be about inside stuff. Since it's the attitude and tone that are key, SYFY would like you to edit together a sample 101 video about one of the show's steamiest romances: #WayHaught. It happens to be well-covered in older videos, so it's easy to research if you're new to the show, and it'll allow you to strut your stuff. Your video should incorporate some style and quickly explain what WayHaught is, how Waverly and Nicole's relationship came to be, and why fans love it.

They can't share every asset for sample videos, but SYFY has provided links to the WYNONNA EARP graphic toolkit, as well as low res watermarked episodes from Season 1, when Waverly and Nicole's relationship kicked into gear. See the main contest page for this.

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Pitch Awards (Due 6/8/2020)
The most compelling pitch will be greenlit and the responsible creator will receive funding & product to produce their videos.

Video Awards (Due 7/27/2020)
Once all assets have been delivered the winning filmmaker will receive the remainder of the budget for their work.

Open to Tongal community members (it's free to register!), ages 13 and older.

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