First Act Musical Instrument Animation Project
Introduce a rebrand for First Act using motion graphics.
Open Bid

Due June 8th, 2020 - Produce an energetic and fun suite of simple animated or motion graphic videos to introduce a rebrand for First Act and their three lines of musical instruments for kids.

It's time to rock and roll! First Act is the parent-approved, kid-tested, #1-selling line of aspirational & accessible musical instruments, designed for preschoolers to pre-professionals learning to play at all skill levels - whether that means they're toddling around the house making noise, or putting together their first garage band with drum kits and real guitars. First Act is rolling out a new rebrand and splitting their instruments into three product lines, so they're looking for a suite of energetic, vibrant, and visually dynamic videos that'll incorporate simple animation or motion graphics with shots of the instruments to introduce the new branding and help define the product lines for consumers. They've also got a ton of awesome licensed partnerships with everything from Frozen, Blippi, and Baby Shark to Trolls, The Masked Singer, and Marvel.

This will be a mix of product shots with some kind of colorful animation and motion graphics, and they're open to any style of animation - stop motion included. Outside of the visuals, what's really key is the music and sound, so get your sound designers ready. First Act can provide product shots and photography, or the actual products, depending on what makes the most sense for what you're pitching.

Tongal's priority is to make sure everyone is safe. Along with that, they’re working really hard to keep people working during this extraordinary time. The advice here is to submit only if you feel you can do something within the anticipated timeline that ensures everyone's safety given today's reality.

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Pitch Awards (Due 6/8/2020)
The most compelling pitch will be greenlit and the responsible creator will receive funding & product to produce their videos.

Video Awards (Due 7/13/2020)
Once all assets have been delivered the winning filmmaker will receive the remainder of the budget for their work.

Open to Tongal community members (it's free to register!), ages 13 and older.

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