Wellbeing Pills Picked Up From The Floor Project
Create fake tutorials or life hacks gone wrong for Hoover.

Due August 31st, 2020 - Trust, performance, and wellbeing: these are the values on which Hoover relies on, and which allow the brand to create reliable and innovative products equipped with the latest technologies, that offer perfect performance with a positive impact on your health and quality of life.

Hoover is looking for “fake tutorials” videos, “life hacks gone wrong”, which are going to complement the product reveal part which will be produced by Filmmaster Productions.

This second wave of the Mega-contest is going to focus on three different products, with a somehow similar function: assuring the cleanliness of the surfaces, and not only!

The three appliances are H-FREEE 300 HYDRO, H-FREE 500 HYDRO-PLUS, and H-HANDY 700.

The main characteristic of the first two products are the possibility of vacuuming and mopping at the same time (!), with a led light incorporated to illuminate the floor to see what’s left behind; on top of that, the H-FREE 500 HYDRO-PLUS occupies very little storage space. The third one is a more agile tool, and can also be used to vacuum-seal food and clothes.

That said, they want to see… what are your awkward, crazy and non-sense solutions to fulfil all those tasks without those Hoover products?

Keep in mind: your video must be a fake tutorial, so imagine it should start with “here’s a way for…./ Let me teach you how…”

For example, considering the H-FREE 500 HYDRO-PLUS: Do your family have to be confined in a single room, to allow the other rooms of your house to be occupied by some bulky cleaning tools? Or you just empty your garage, leaving everything else in the garden?

Lack of space is something they want to see solved in the craziest possible ways! It’s exactly what they are looking for: absurd solutions to everyday problems, which the new Hoover products can solve easily and efficiently.

And how are you sure that the floor is actually clean, do you wear a caving helmet while cleaning, as if you were a speleologist, or use a magnifying glass feeling like Sherlock Holmes on the investigation?

They are looking for this funny content because they will edit your video with a second video with the reveal of the new Hoover products: H-FREEE 300 HYDRO, H-FREE 500 HYDRO-PLUS, and H-HANDY 700.

So when you nail down your creativity it’s crucial to keep in mind which are the distinctive features of those appliances.

For example, time-saving is another main feature of Hoover products. Has winter turned into summer while you were cleaning your house, or maybe your teenage kids graduated and started a family while you were just mopping?

Show how would you save time without the innovative H-FREEE 300 HYDRO and H-FREE 500 HYDRO-PLUS that can vacuum and mop at the same time!

(In this example you could produce a video with someone using a brush tied on one leg and a stick with a mop in the second one. Brushing and mopping just walking on the floor, just as some musicians do when they play many instruments at the same time)

Another very important concept to stress is the complete cleanliness from pet hair assured by H-HANDY 500 on surfaces like moquette: so you won’t dream anymore of shaving bald your poor dog, as if it was a sheep!

(In this example you could produce a video with someone using a flame thrower to burn the pet hair on the steps of a stair, obviously burning the whole moquette)

Last but not least, the H-HANDY 700, on top of vacuuming the surfaces, can also vacuum-seal food or clothes: this way, you won’t have to leave any of your favorite jumpers at home when you go on holiday, due to lack of space in your luggage!

(For example, you might show someone that, due to not having enough room in his/her baggage, wear many layers of clothes on him/herself – there is a smarter way to create space in your luggage!)

There are just ideas, feel free to go bold and dare some more, any “life hack gone wrong” will do!

Entries should be no more than 15-seconds in length.

Click the link below for Official Rules and more details.


1st Selected Video:
€4,000 (approx $2,250 USD)

2nd Selected Video:
€3,000 (approx $3,400 USD)

3rd Selected Video:
€2,000 (approx $2,300 USD)

4th - 6th Selected Videos:
€1,000 (approx $1,100 USD)

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