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Looking for storytellers to co-write the WISHFITS children’s book.
$500 + deal for your work on the project

Due November 23rd, 2020 - If you love to write, or rhyme, or tell a tale, come in have fun and play where friends and unlikely friendships prevail, where every animal’s strengths and beauty is in their difference, imagination has no boundaries, positivity is everywhere, and there is no ‘normal’. They’re looking for storytellers, dreamers, and wordsmiths, from any land, of any age, with any skill, to submit for a chance to co-write the first book in the new WISHFITS children’s book series with Simon & Eric Cowell.

Welcome to a magical world where the unlikeliest of animals have fuzed together, combining scales, skin, fur and feathers. There are Snogs (snail + dog) and Cogs (cat + dog), Peeps (pig + sheep), and even Chimpanpoos (chimpanzee + poodle) - all hybrid animals that have evolved as combinations of ordinary species from all over the globe, living together in one place. This is the world of WISHFITS, and part of a new children’s entertainment franchise created by Simon & Eric Cowell. These wacky creatures are the best of friends, and the unlikeliest of pals, all having a silly time together with a bark, a bleat, and a growl, and though they started as a dream, they turned into a wish, for 6 year old Eric, and Simon Cowell.

Now, that wish is starting to come true. Simon and Eric first brought their idea to the world of Tongal back in 2019, and now Hachette Children’s Group has signed a publishing deal for Wishfits picture books. Simon and Eric are passionate to continue their Wishfits journey with Tongal, and in Simon’s trademark talent show-style, they want to give you the opportunity to be involved in bringing the Wishfits to life. Simon & Eric are inviting storytellers and writers with a clever mind, a big heart, and a limitless imagination.

Wishfits is a rollicking fun and silly-hearted world that will capture the imaginations of children and adults alike, and the stories will speak to positivity, diversity, friendship, and inclusivity, so in the spirit of inclusivity, they are opening the search to anyone and everyone. Not just writers and poets, but creatives and dreamers, from anywhere in the world, of any age, from any background. If you have a way with words, then you can audition for the opportunity to co-write the book, and in turn, help shape a franchise as it expands into film, television, toys, and more.

They're looking for someone who can create vivid and magical stories for the Wishfits characters. You should focus on themes about unlikely friendships, finding strengths in differences, diversity and inclusion, and kindness towards others, and you should consider how the story can evolve from the personalities of the characters and the world of Wishfits. And importantly, remember to bring the FUN! You can find some characters and information about the world in Background/Additional Details on the main contest page.

The Audition Phase - Any and all are invited to submit an audition! Your audition should include a 500 character synopsis where you introduce yourself and your Wishfits story idea, along with a 2-minute video that addresses the questions below. You should also include a short original writing sample of some kind, no more than 5 pages long, and it doesn't matter what form it takes - a poem or a few written verses, or a piece of prose text. Be creative and embrace the unexpected and imaginative and fun feeling of the series in your video, and let them know:

Who are you, and what inspired you to submit?
What is your Wishfits story idea?
Which characters are the focus, who are they, and what is their story?
How would this opportunity make your wish(fits) come true?

The Pitch Video Phase - The 10 most compelling submissions will be selected to move on, and they will each receive $500 to prepare a full 4-minute Pitch Video, along with an outline of the story, characters and world (maximum 3 pages), and an original sample passage from their Wishfits story, up to 250 words in length. If you are selected for the Pitch Phase, you should explain your approach to the story, the characters, the world, and the writing style.

The Live Pitch Session With Simon - The top 5 submissions will be selected and provided with creative feedback on their Pitch Video, and then a remote Pitch Session with Simon himself will be arranged for each submitter to present their vision for the Wishfits directly, and read aloud an original passage from their story. A Tongal producer will reach out to you if you're selected for the Live Pitch Session, and more details will be provided at that time.

The Grand Prize Winner - If you're selected to collaborate with Simon & Eric on Wishfits, congratulations! You’ll receive a separate standard deal for your compensation on the project, which will be appropriate and in line with current UK publishing industry, along with being credited appropriately in the book.

The Wishfits have evolved in weird and wonderful ways, combining two different species with very distinct characteristics and personalities, all living in fantastical habitats. The books will be bold, bright, zany and funny, as colorful as the cast of animals within, and they will explore the Wishfits' world, telling about how their unique friendships are formed, and celebrating individuality and positivity. They’ll embrace inclusivity, and show how the strengths of these animals are in their differences. Each book will be approximately 500-700 words in length.

The storylines should be built around the physical characteristics and personality traits of the Wishfit characters, but you should think about the environment that these characters might live in too. Each story should focus on 1 or 2 main characters, with some secondary characters where appropriate to the story. All characters MUST come from the list of provided characters. The content should be based on emotional themes, but the humor should derive from the dialogue and specific comic scenes. The text should be short and simple for the 3-5 year old age group, while allowing for lots of positive messaging and humorous interplay.

Click the link below for Official Rules and more details.


Audition (Due 11/23/2020)
After the Audition Phase, the 10 most compelling submissions will be selected to receive $500, and move into the Pitch Video Phase to prepare a full Pitch.

Pitch Awards
Submit a video no longer than 4 minutes in length, explaining in greater detail your vision for Wishfits, including the story, the characters, and the world, as well as how your writing style is suited to telling this story. After the Pitch Video Phase, the 5 most compelling submissions will be selected and provided with creative feedback to help you in revising your story outline, and then a LIVE Pitch Session will be arranged for you to personally present your vision for Wishfits to Simon Cowell, and read aloud a passage from your story.

Grand Prize Winner
If you're selected to collaborate with Simon & Eric on Wishfits, congratulations! You’ll receive a separate standard deal for your compensation on the project, which will be appropriate and in line with current UK publishing industry, along with being credited appropriately in the book.

Open to Tongal community members (it's free to register!), ages 13 and older.

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