Orgain Clean Nutrition Superfan Project
Clean nutrition superfans join the Orgainiacs Influencer Program.
Brand Deal

Due December 1st, 2020 - Looking for clean nutrition superfans to join the Orgainiacs Influencer Program. Interested parties should be influencers who are focused on the health and wellness space and are looking to grow their businesses.

The goal of this project is to find clean nutrition superfans who are active Instagram users and are looking to grow their influencer business centered on health and wellness to join the Orgainiacs program.

As a member of the Orgainiacs team, you’d receive access to a marketing advisor who will help you achieve your influencer business goals and grow your business with expert advice on marketing platforms like website, email marketing, content development, and more. Orgain will also provide free Orgain products on a monthly basis. In return, Orgain would ask that you post about Orgain on your channels, with a focus on Instagram to help Orgain build their reach and drive credibility for the company.

Being a part of the Orgainiacs program would be like having a mentor who helps and advises you on ways to grow your audience, business, and reach while also giving you free products each month. As you post about Orgain products on your channels, you would be helping drive credibility and cultural relevance for the brand.

As an Orgainiac you will deliver:
Monthly, authentic content featuring Orgain products
You may also have a chance to give input on new and exclusive products

We are looking for:
Individuals who are passionate about growing their influencer business centered on clean nutrition and health & wellness and who build their content and lifestyles around it.
Individuals who want to have a long-term partnership with Orgain.
Individuals who are informed and proactive about health and wellness and who are looked to by followers and friends for advice in this area.
Individuals who have an inherent belief that good, clean nutrition has a direct, positive effect on your health.
Individuals who love to explore new ways to improve their wellbeing.
Individuals who have at least 5,000 followers on Instagram.

This is an always-on project and you can submit anytime. However, they are looking to onboard the first wave of Orgainiacs into the program by December 15. In order to be a part of the inaugural class, you must submit on Tongal by December 1.

PITCH VIDEO (OPTIONAL): This is your opportunity to show why YOU should be selected to be an Orgainiac. Please keep your video submission under 2 minutes in length.

Click the link below for Official Rules and more details.


Orgainiacs receive:
Personalized attention and small business marketing consulting advice from Orgain’s Influencer Marketing Manager
Orgain's Influencer Marketing Manager will know and understand each individual Orgainiac’s audience and business/content goals and help them grow their business and their reach
Expert advice on email marketing, influencer marketing, content development, web development, and more.
Free Orgain product on a monthly basis and swag as available
Free photoshoots and video shoots on an as-needed basis
Access to rotating giveaways
Insider access and first touch with all Orgain new products
Exposure on Orgain’s social channels and digital media
Potential to grow into pay-per-content status

Open to Tongal community members (it's free to register!), ages 18 and older.

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