Tongal YouTube Original Videos Project
Create original video content for Tongal’s YouTube Channel.

Due February 28th, 2021 - Create original video content for Tongal’s YouTube Channel.

The Tongal Community consists of so many incredible creators and filmmakers, producing thousands of amazing videos every year, and as that community has grown - as that output has grown - the content they've been able to showcase on their YouTube channel has accumulated over 30,000 Subscribers. However, it's never really been tailor-made for their YouTube... until now. Now, they’re giving you the opportunity and creative freedom to let your out-of-the-box ideas fly, to play around and showcase your work directly to Tongal's over 30,000 subscribers.

In this project, they're asking you to create original content for the Tongal YouTube Channel, with any kind of video from 1 to 5 minutes in length. These can be individual videos, or even a limited video series, with a budget of $250 per video. The goal is to greenlight a minimum of 4 videos for the first batch. If you're pitching a series, this project will serve as a chance to develop your pilot.

While they’ll be refining the YouTube Channel over time, for the first quarter of 2021 THESE. VIDEOS. CAN. BE. ANYTHING. What do they mean by that? SCRIPTED. UNSCRIPTED. VIDEO LISTS. MINI-DOCUMENTARIES, HOW TO’S. FOUND FOOTAGE REMIXES, ANIMATIONS. MONTAGES. VIDEO ESSAYS. SHORTS. PRODUCT REVIEWS. COLLAGES. PUPPETS. CRAFTS. VLOGS. They'll even consider existing content for the channel, it can be an individual video, or a short series. All they ask is that your videos either inform, entertain, or both, and that creativity must be at the heart of your content.

For your Pitch, they're open to taking a look at ideas and concepts that aren't yet fully formed, and happy to help you develop something that has potential. Look at the reference videos on the main contest page to see the level of diversity they’re open to. When you submit your videos, Tongal producers may have revisions and suggestions.

Click the link below for Official Rules and more details.


Pitch Awards (Due 2/28/2021)
The 4 most compelling pitches will be greenlit and the responsible creators will receive $100 in funding.

Video Awards (Due 4/7/2021)
Once all assets have been delivered, the winning filmmakers will receive $150 for their work.

Open to Tongal community members (it's free to register!), ages 13 and older.

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