Life Technologies Video Mash-Up Project
Find a film scene that will make for a great mash-up.
All Ages

Due April 24th, 2011 - The primary purpose of this project is to research and find a film scene that could be used to produce a video along similar lines to the famous mash up videos of Hitler's Bunker, (taken from the film Downfall).

The finished video is to be targeted towards the scientific community although general appeal is desirable. I would add that a successfully selected scene should in fact be able to re-used to make more mashups, just like the Downfall mashup could be repurposed.

Taking the Hitler Bunker scene as a reference point we want to create similar idea but using a different film. The key observations we see making the Hitler Bunker scene in to successful mashups were:

- Non-english - it's hard to watch the Hitler mashup if you speak fluent german unless you turn the sound off. Although, we're happy if you can find the right movie scene in English and convince us on how it would work.

-Character - the character is well known so you already have a relationship to him/her. This is a difficult one as most known characters (to the bulk of our target audience) are in English speaking movies. But think out of box here; does it need to be known character, or known type of character, opening up genres of kungfu, bollywood etc?

- Contrast - because you "know" Hitler, the contrasts of him talking about tweeting, smoking splifs and Red Stripe beer are funny.

-Emotion - must be elicited. If the character is known, then the film doesn't need to be, ie showing the Downfall mashup to your friend who's never heard of Downfall would still be funny because he knows Hitler.

- Scene - Conflict, a high level of tension and an emotional, over-the-top character.

- Length - The length of the scene should be long enough to house a good script, but not too long as to test peoples internet patience. Downfall mashups were a few minutes each.

These are reference points BUT we are open to suggestions as to how else this might be done.


We simply want you to research and find a film scene that could be used to produce a video along similar lines to the famous mash up videos of Hitler's Bunker. That is the primary task of this project.

Any thoughts you have around the script etc are welcome in The Pitch.

Fine print: We need to find a balance with respect to branding. Eg. sex, drugs, and hitler are out.

N.B. Since finding the right scene is independent of the script to follow, we will be running a separate contest to find someone to help script and edit the scene.

Click the link below for Official Rules and more details.

$1800 USD (€1277 / £1125 approx)

Open to wooshii.com community members.

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