Yoxi 'Trim the Waste of Fashion' Competition
How can we reduce waste and increase sustainability in making clothe

Due July 1st, 2011 - Here’s something we didn’t realize until recently: what you wear impacts your health and the world around you. In the nearly $1 trillion clothing industry, waste abounds from the estimated 15-20% of fabric trashed on the cutting room floor, unsustainable material sourcing, massive carbon emissions when transporting products from manufacturing centers, gallons upon gallons of wasted and polluted water during washing and dyeing, as well as wildly excessive packaging, tagging, and storage. Fashion choices matter to everybody, not just models, magazine and style mavens. That’s why we’re challenging teams to reduce waste and increase sustainability in our clothes. Take a look at this quick vid we made that shows you all that goes into our fashion choices – with a sexy twist. See if you have what it takes to Trim the Waste of Fashion.

Can you develop the winning solution? A new product, innovative business, mobile app, program for schools or communities? Yoxi gets you started on your project, whatever it becomes.

How To Register

1.  Form a 3-person team. We're looking for artists, entrepreneurs, filmmakers, designers and more. Find teammates whose skill sets complement your own.

2. Create an introduction video. In a 1–2 minute video, tell us: Who you are and where you’re based. Why you’re competing. What you can bring to this topic? How you can change the world? Don’t have a super pro HD cam? Use a cell phone or web cam. Intro videos are more about substance than style. Just be creative!

3. Fill out the registration form on the contest website.

Click the link below for Official Rules and more details.

The winning Team will also receive a cash prize of between $5,000 and $40,000:
     1. we will award the winning Team a guaranteed prize of $5,000;
     2. each member of the Yoxi community will have the opportunity to pledge additional prize money directly to the winning Team, up to $50 per member and up to a total of all such pledges of $17,500; and
     3. we will match each dollar pledged by members of the Yoxi community, so, for example, if the Yoxi community pledges a prize of $7,500, we will award the winning Team a matching prize of $7,500, plus the guaranteed prize of $5,000, for a total prize of $20,000; therefore,
     4. the exact amount of the cash prize the winning Team receives will depend upon the total amount of pledges from the Yoxi community and the amount of matching prize funds from us.

Team members must be at least 18 years of age.

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