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'Who Deserves Excedrin the Most?' Video Project
Bring a 'Headache Inducing Situation' to life.
Staff Pick

Due April 1st, 2013 - Stuck on a road trip to Grandma’s with a backseat full of kids who forgot their indoor voices at home?  Spent 7 hours typing up a document only to have your computer go on the fritz and lose everything?  Yep, it’s all fun and games until someone gets a headache. Thankfully, for the past five decades, people have been able to turn to Excedrin® Extra Strength to relieve their headache pain. Excedrin® Extra Strength is a combination product – acetaminophen/aspirin/caffeine – that delivers temporary relief of minor pains and aches due to headaches. 

Headaches are painful and can turn life’s daily little stresses into colossal struggles.  However, when it comes to headache-inducing moments (once the Excedrin® Extra Strength kicks in), all you can do is look back on them and laugh. 

This is precisely why Excedrin® Extra Strength is turning to YOU to tap into your personal experiences and creative brainpower to create content about a, relatable, headache-causing moment with which others will identify.

Project Objectives
The goal of this project is to create clever, insightful and relatable 60-second videos around one of the 16 headache inducing situations below.  Videos should showcase one of the numerous headache-inducing situations that people encounter every day; the focus of the video is not about treating headaches or the details of the product, but more about situations that might make someone reach for Excedrin® Extra Strength.  People don’t necessarily like talking about their headaches, but they do like talking about the situations that cause them.  Remember, these videos are NOT intended to laugh at people’s pain but to show clever and relatable headache-causing moments at which we can all laugh. The situations should be tastefully humorous (think smart humor), something you would feel comfortable sharing with your family or boss. 

16 Headache Inducing Situations (Pitches must be based on one of the following)
1. Drivers with Kids in the Backseat
2. Frazzled Flyers
3. Pawns of a Deadline Pusher
4. Parents Raising Teenagers
5. Parents Raising Toddlers
6. First-Time Parents
7. Technology Crashers
8. Tax-Filing Citizens
9. Loyal Fans of Losing Teams
10. Rush Hour Commuters
11. Customers on Hold
12. Monday Sufferers
13. Drivers at the DMV
14. Furniture Assemblers
15. Late Nighters
16. Dental Patients

Click the link below for Official Rules and more details.


Pitch Awards (Submissions due 02/25/13)
The SIXTEEN most compelling Pitches within each specified Headache Inducing Situation will be selected and will each receive $700 to help create their Video.  Those winners will also be GUARANTEED a winning place in the subsequent Video Phase.

Video Awards (Submissions begin 02/28/13)
First Place - $20,000
Second Place - $10,000
Third Place - $7,500
Fourth Place - $5,000
Fifth Place - $4,000
Sixth Place - $3,000
Seventh Place - $2,000
Eighth Place - $1,500
Ninth Place - $1,500
Tenth Place - $1,300
Eleventh Place through Sixteenth Place - $1,000 each
Seventeenth Place through Twentieth Place - $500 each

Open to Tongal community members, 13 and older.

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