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'Ten Scary Minutes' Horror Video Contest
Make a horror short using your smartphone or tablet.
All Ages

Due October 21st, 2013 - With the exceptional video recording capabilities of smartphones such as iPhones, the new BlackBerry, Windows and Android based cell phones with high-definition capabilities and the many user-friendly video editing options, just about anyone can shoot their own short film.

For this competition, you are challenged to create a short ten minute scary movie. It may be Gothic scary, like Hitchcock, shock scary, mock scary or outright B-movie campy! The whole idea is to take that cool video gadget, use your imagination and have a little fun!

The prize, for first place? A whopping $100.00 bucks, a trophy for braggin’ rights, the social cred of being savvy-cool and, well maybe your production goes viral and even noticed by the “Webbys”. Who knows? Maybe you become the next movie horror master!

The contest will feature two categories:
  1. scary horror – like “Frankenstein” or “Insidious”
  2. campy B-movie horror – like “Scary Movie” or “Killer Tomatoes”

Keep in mind the production cannot exceed 10 minutes, including opening titles and credits.

Click the link below for Official Rules and more details.


Grand Prize
$100 CAD + a plaque

Open to all.

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I think they used "whopping" sarcastically. :) This contest is obviously for horror enthusiasts who are more interested in making something fun and scary rather than someone looking to make bank. (3528 days ago.)
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